Sununu to stay for a while He would leave after the next inauguration.


WASHINGTON -- White House chief of staff John Sununu, whose travel practices have made him the butt of comedians' jokes and created an "appearance problem" for President Bush, has indicated for the first time that he doesn't intend to remain in his post if Bush is re-elected.

Sununu, who in the past said he hoped to remain by the president's side for as long as he wanted him, said yesterday that he would leave his powerful position sometime after the next presidential inauguration in January 1993.

"I intend to get the president's agenda done and help him get re-elected and finish up after his second term begins," Sununu said following a speech in suburban Arlington, Va.

The president again gave his embattled aide a public nod of support yesterday after the White House legal counsel ruled that Sununu didn't break ethics rules when he solicited the use of a corporate jet to fly to Chicago for a Republican Governors' Association fund-raiser June 11.

"Yeah, I'm going to support him," Bush said, in response to questions from reporters as he left a Rose Garden ceremony.

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