Subsidized workouts ZTC


WE ALL WANT our federal employees to be healthy, happy workers, don't we? At the same time, though, there really needs to be some limit on how much tax money we let the government spend to keep federal workers healthy.

Wisconsin Rep. Scott Klug thinks there ought to be limits, too. Klug blew the whistle on a scheme by IRS Human Resources Director Richard Moran to buy memberships in a swank private health club for the employees who work in the main IRS office in Washington.

Moran thinks the memberships are justified: Regulations permit such membership purchases where "other resources have been considered and rejected."

The "other resources" in this case were rejected by Moran. The reason? The free government gym is six blocks away from the IRS office.

These people want to do physical exercise but are too lazy to walk six blocks to the gym. So taxpayers are supposed to shell out $700 apiece for more than 100 memberships because the private club is next door?

Klug's request for the House subcommittee to investigate this perquisite ought to have little trouble coming to two sensible conclusions: Let the workers walk the six blocks to warm them up before exercising. And abolish the regulation that has taxpayers footing the bill for private health club memberships for federal workers.

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