The red carpet is out at the Town House for residents of this South Carroll town who want to be active members of the community.

MayorLloyd R. Helt Jr. and the six-member Town Council are inviting residents to become involved through service on several governmental committees.

At the council meeting May 28, Helt assigned each councilman a town department to head, as well as membership on a committee or commission. Now the town is looking for community involvement as it seeks to fill seats on those panels.

"That's the dream," Helt said. "All we need is for people to pick up the phone and call us."

With three new council members and a new spirit of cooperation and open-mindedness on the council, Helt is forging ahead on several projects he placed on the back burner in recent years.

Though the town is heavilyinvolved in recycling, with its own center and one of the most comprehensive programs in the county, Helt says more needs to be done.

"My goal is to surpass the county's goal of recycling 15 percent of our trash," Helt said last spring when the town first discussed opening its own center, which became a reality May 18.

Modern Junk & Salvage of Baltimore operates the center out of the town's maintenance building on Sandosky Road, accepting 17 types of recyclable items.

Helt said he would like to see the town implement curbside recycling.How that would be done is something a committee could decide, with the council's approval, he said.

The Facilities Committee will examine the feasibility of building a new police station and possibly a new Town House.

"We need new police facilities real bad, and I feelthat's the No. 1 priority in that area," said Councilman Walter R. White, committee chairman. "Our police are at a very great disadvantage. When they arrest someone, they have to handcuff them to an old fireplace -- and this is not good."

White's committee is expected to consider options concerning a new police station, including building a new one or leasing and renovating an existing building, and financing of those options.

"We were lucky to get $6,000 set aside in thebudget toward a new station," White said. "But that's not enough to do very much with at this point."

Councilman William R. Hall Jr. also has big ambitions for his committee, Parks and Recreation. For 1992, Hall hopes to offer the community a concert series at Millard Cooper Park, off Route 32.

"We could have local bands or musical groups come in every Saturday from 7 to 9 p.m. and have them perform for the community at no charge to the town, but for exposure," Hall said."We would offer a variety of music -- rock, country, maybe even a ballet group -- something to put a little culture in town."

The committee also would work to "spruce up the parks" with lighting and signs and equipment such as picnic tables, grills and benches.

Other areas needing help are the Newsletter Committee, Historic PreservationCommission and Planning and Zoning Commission.

Councilman Jonathan Herman will step down as chairman of the Planning and Zoning Commission at the board's July 1 meeting, although he will remain as a liaison to the council. At least two new members are expected to be appointed this summer.

Herman wants the commission to become more aggressive in setting guidelines for growth, development and landscaping and engineering.

"I'd love to get the whole town involved in these committees," Helt said. "If you want to get involved, we've got a jobfor you. Don't be shy."

The councilmen also urged citizens to come forward with ideas on town projects.

Information: Town House, 795-6390; or Helt, 795-1300.

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