From: Arthur Contarini

Glen Burnie

I would like to congratulate Robert R. Neall on becoming our county executive here in Anne Arundel County. But I would also like to hope that the senior citizens of the county will also enjoy his aid andsupport.

It has been difficult for us seniors, since the Anne Arundel County Commission on Aging has had three directors in its lifetime, due to the county's lack of support. I was once asked to be an adviser for the county's Senior Citizen's Commission, but politics interfered.

Another group that has suffered in this situation is the home-bound, of which I am one. We are seniors who for one reason or another cannot leave our own homes.

Now, I am 92 years old. I have been in this county for a very long time, after moving here from Baltimore where I worked as a stone mason. In fact, you could say I helpedto build that city as it is today, including the homes of people like the late Mayor Howard Jackson or former Governor Theodore McKeldin.

People like me seem to be the forgotten ones, and when this happens, you eventually will have more problems than you started with.

I don't want to tell you what to do, but I would like to see you and your staff move to deal with this problem.


From: Arthur Contarini

Glen Burnie

I would like to talk to the ladies and gentlemen who are of Italian descent.

The Sons of Italy chapter in Glen Burnie would like to appeal to you all to act in the spirit of your fathers and mothers who traveled to a strange new land called America. They sacrificed so much to give us something they never had -- an education. Now, it is your turn.

Our chapter was founded in 1978. I was one of the founding members. The president was Charles Aperfine, the recording secretary was Virginia Cortina, the grandvenerable was Simon J. Avara, and the grand recording secretary was Patricia Butta. Since that time, the chapter has been like a big family.

But we look to you now, to come and join us and help this chapter continue its work. If you join us, you will never regret it, because you will have a lot of fun, and that's what this lodge is all about.

Membership is just $15. Write to Arthur Contarini, 717 Wimmer Road, Glen Burnie, Md. 21061, or Rosemarie Briggs, 7973 Central Ave.,Pasadena. She handles all the membership bills.


From: Alderman W. C. Turner

City of Annapolis

Ward 6

The great City of Annapolis vs. St. John's College Croquet Challenge is now history, with the city team winding up in second place and St. John's finishing next to last!

All in all, it was great fun as well as a wonderful opportunity to create a little more neighborly fellowship among city and college officials and personnel.

There are many people I would like to thank for making this event such a success, but I would most certainly exceed my word limit if I did so.

In particular, however, I'd like to thank Mr. Jeff Bishop, vice president ofSt. John's for making the match possible; Jerry and Jan Hardesty forproviding some wonderful libation; Davison's of Bermuda for making sure our team looked better than we played; and our all-girl team of Alderman DeGraff and Alderman Gray for winning at least on match!

Most of all, I'd like to thank St. John's team for having the infinitepatience to explain the finer points of croquet as the match was in progress.

We all look forward to renewing this fledgling, but intense rivalry next year.


From: Allan Segree

Edie Segree


We have been associated with Broadneck High School since it opened its doors 10 years ago. Three of our children graduated from Broadneck, and all three participated in sports at the school.

Much of the success of the athletics program at Broadneck is due to the dedication and leadership of its athletic director, TimMcMullen. Not only has Broadneck won more than its share of championships, but under Tim's guidance the kids have learned there is much more to athletics than just winning. He has continually stressed that academics come first. He has set high standards for the athletes but asks no more from them than he asks from himself. No one cares more about kids than Tim McMullen.

Mr. McMullen has worked closely with Broadneck's principal Lawrence Knight, another Class A individual, indeveloping one of the most successful athletic programs in the state. His contributions will long be remembered.


From: Jonathan Pearson

Terry Lehr

Maryland Save Our Streams

The staff of the Severn River Project of Maryland Save Our Streams wishes to take this opportunity to thank The Anne Arundel County Sun for its excellent coverage of the Severn River Stream Survey.

We are most thankful to the more than 220 citizens, including County Executive Robert R. Neall and County Council Chairwoman Virginia Clagett, who turned out on May 11 to locate potential pollution sources along the scenic Severn River and its tributaries.

This was the largest single event that Save Our Streams has ever held! It was a tremendous success because so many people care and are willing to become involved in the protection of our natural water resources.

Our thanks as well to the additional people who supported this effort by publicizing the event, distributing flyers or offering their facilities as a boat launch or training site.

Special appreciation is extendedto the employees of the Westinghouse Electronic Systems Group for their assistance in organizing and planning the event, and to the volunteers of the Red Cross who set up first-aid stations at each trainingsite.

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