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Editor: Since reading the article on "The Best of Friends" [March 31] I thought you might be interested in this friendship of 61 years. We met in 1930 -- have never had a cross word -- and are still staunch friends.

Fay Raymond

Baltimore Editor: The article "Big Trouble on Campus" [on Political Correctness, May 12 issue] brought me a first sign of relief.

. . . Closer to home, let me recall an episode in the Howard County school system not more than a year or two ago.

A student had designed a calendar intended to show many cultures together as one unified group. Apparently an objection was raised because the black student was drawn with his fist raised as a black activist. The objectors felt this was a racist view of blacks. The superintendent of schools, Michael Hickey, withdrew the calendar from promotion and sale and apologized to the community. The student artist said he was not a racist and that there was no racial criticism intended. . . .

Whatever the arguments pro and con on such a situation, therdid not seem to be much debate about it before the head of a county school system took action to withdraw the calendar picture and apologize. . . .

Patricia Storch Columbia


Editor: My reason for writing is that when you started your feature Mind Games I remember you said something to the effect that you wouldn't publish any puzzle that you couldn't solve yourself. Well, we "gotcha," I think. The one this Sunday [May 12] had the word "naive" as the solution to number 15, but there are no syllables to correspond with this word that I can see. Am I wrong?

I enjoy the puzzles, especially the mathematical ones. Some of the word puzzles are too tough for me. Congratulations if you can do them all!

Lee W. Beck


Editor's Note: Mr. Beck is absolutely right. When we checked with Dell, which supplies us with the puzzles, the publisher apologized and said their editor had "slipped up."


Editor: I recently read an article, To Wit, "Solving the Nation's Math Problem" by Dave Barry in your publication [May 12]. I want to bring to your attention a program called Mathcounts. . . . This organization sponsors the National Mathematics Contest competing 7th and 8th graders from all over the United States. The national competition was held [at the beginning of May] in which Maryland students placed fourth in the team competition. I have not seen one word on this wonderful program in your publication.

WAKE UP! If you must print To Wit dribble, why not print something positive? . . .

Will Long Sr.



Editor: Talk radio ["Look Who's Talking," May 19] is a wonderful way for the average listener to express themselves. It frightens me to think they can be influenced by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Les Kinsolving. I gave up listening to WFBR after hearing Rush Limbaugh for about a week, and I think of Les as just a silly buffoon.

Dorothy Luckett



Editor: Doug Birch seemed so hard pressed for subject matter for his article about transportation ["Getting From Here to There," May 19] that he was reduced to including the petty gripes of its employees. If Mr. Birch, who on his own boarded the wrong bus, has the right to complain about standing in the cold, why shouldn't the bus driver have the right to complain about company policy forcing him to be out there? After all -- this is America!...

Elaine Rosenbloom



Editor: We would like to express our delight in your obviously enjoyable dining experience at Fager's Island. Your review [in the spring Dining Out guide] was greatly appreciated! However, we feel we would be remiss by not responding to the last paragraph concerning our wine lists. . . . "Even fewer people can afford the $500 wines" is painful to us in that over the past 12 years one of our main goals has been to offer the casual diner the chance to enjoy good wines at reasonable prices. . . . At the same time we do offer a very limited selection of extremely rare wines which dictate extremely rare prices as the wines can never be replaced. (Eleven wines of over 550 selections are priced at or above $500 -- less than 2 percent of our offerings.) . . .

Don Pelletier

Beverage Manager

Rick Pairo

Wine Manager

Fager's Island

Ocean City

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