Price guides show value of paintings by Wallace Nutting


Q: I have several framed Wallace Nutting pictures that belonged to my grandmother. How can I check their value?

A: The highest price paid for a Wallace Nutting painting is $4,950 for "The Guardian Mother."

Two hundred fifty Nutting pictures were auctioned a week ago Friday in East Hartford, Conn. Auction catalogs, which include a post-sale price list, are available for $12 postpaid from Michael Ivankovich, Box 2458, Doylestown, Pa. 18901; phone (215) 345-6094.

Also available are Mr. Ivankovich's "The Price Guide to Wallace Nutting Pictures" ($16.95 postpaid), "Guide to Wallace Nutting-Like Photographers of the Early 20th Century" ($11.95 postpaid) and "The Alphabetical and Numerical Index to Wallace Nutting Pictures" ($16.95 postpaid).

Q: How can I learn more about comic book collecting?

A: You can subscribe to the Comic Buyer's Guide Price Guide, published quarterly and available for $9.95 a year from CBG Price Guide, Circulation Dept., 700 E. State St., Iola, Wis. 54990-0001; phone (715) 445-2214.

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