Around the house* Prevent onions from sprouting....


Around the house

* Prevent onions from sprouting. Store in brown paper bag on bottom shelf of refrigerator.

* Oil outside grill before using it for barbecue. The oil will prevent foods from sticking; cleanup will be easier.

* Renew fabric cushions that are used outdoors. Use colored pens to color in or outline designs such as faded leaves and flowers. Test for color fastness first in an inconspicuous area.

* Remove grass stains from concrete. Rub a paste of dishwasher detergent and water onto spot and rinse with a hose.

* Don't discard flowers that have broken off of stems. Float blossoms in a shallow glass bowl.

* When scooping out melon balls, try using an ice-cream scoop instead of the smaller melon scoops. The larger balls are easier to carve and make an attractive dessert.

In the garden

* Try using an apple corer to dig up garden weeds; a hot-water bottle filled partially with water can provide a cushion for knees; curtain rods are a sturdy support for vines.

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