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All the world's a stage

It's not the same as being there in a concert hall or outdoor arena, but then again, with some of the musical groups involved it is certainly easier on the ears. It's "Global Jam -- Center Stage," a new syndicated concert performance show that debuts at 10 tonight on WNUV-Channel 54 and continues through September. The series is a compilation of recent live concert footage from stages around the world, plus a weekly flashback clip to an earlier performance, and will offer hits of artists ranging from Aerosmith to Luther Vandross. Tonight's debut includes Tom Petty, the band Yes and Paul McCartney.

"Macbett," Eugene Ionesco's hilarious spoof of Shakespeare's tragedy "Macbeth," is on stage at the New Century Theater. This excellent production, directed by Mark Redfield, features Brian Chetelat in the title role of a loyal king's general driven to mass murder by an evil power-seeking witch. Fun swordplay and joking asides to the audience enliven the proceedings. Tony Tsendeas shines as Banco, Macbett's friend and rival. Good performances by Jimi Kinstle and Donna Sherman. 8 p.m. St. John's Church, 27th and St. Paul streets. Tickets: $6. Call 426-6889.

Winfred Walsh


To fly

"Rocketeer" takes about 30 minutes to get off the ground, but once it does it's a real blast. The year is 1938, and Bill Campbell plays a pilot who discovers a rocket pack that will allow him to fly. Also interested in that rocket contraption are Howard Hughes, the law enforcement community, gangsters and the Nazis, represented in Hollywood by an actor who, it turns out, is very close to Errol Flynn. Timothy Dalton plays the actor, and Jennifer Connelly is the young woman who becomes involved in all this without ever trying. Rating: PG. Violence. ***

Lou Cedrone


Marriage and love

"Green Card" is a pleasant if not totally satisfying comedy, one that is patterned on the witty Hollywood comedies of the 1930s and early '40s. The French star Gerard Depardieu, in his first American production, plays a Frenchman who marries an American woman simply to procure a green card that will allow him to work in this country. Andie MacDowell plays the American woman who marries the Frenchman and only then begins to fall in love with him. Adult language. Rating: PG. **

Lou Cedrone Summertime music is on tap at Gilman School's athletic field tonight and Oregon Ridge tomorrow, both at 8 p.m. In the free Gilman concert, 100 years of Roland Park are celebrated by the Baltimore All-American Brass Band and Baltimore Choral Arts Society Singers. Call 235-4302 for information. Also, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra begins the first of eight Oregon Ridge concerts tomorrow. BSO flutist Emily Controulis plays Briccialdi's "Carnival of Venice." Tickets ($10 adults, $4 children) can be purchased at Oregon Ridge, or call 783-8000.

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