Capitals get Chambers, Burridge replays pondered Hockey


The Washington Capitals acquired defenseman Shawn Chambers and left wing Randy Burridge in separate deals yesterday.

The Capitals got Chambers, 25, from the Minnesota North Stars for left wing Steve Maltais, 22, and center Trent Klatt, 20.

Chambers, 6 feet 2, 200 pounds, played in only 29 games last season because of a cracked kneecap. He had four points in the regular season and seven in the playoffs. His best offensive season was 1988-89, when he had five goals and 19 assists.

Maltais led the AHL Baltimore Skipjacks with 36 goals and had 43 assists. He played seven games with the Capitals but didn't score.

Washington got Burridge, 25, from the Boston Bruins for right wing Steve Leach, 25.

Burridge played in 62 games last season, accumulating 15 goals and 13 assists, despite knee and ankle injuries.

Leach had 11 goals and 19 assists.

"He's better for us, positionally," said Washington general manager David Poile. "Burridge is a left wing, and it seems we've been light over there forever. Randy Burridge has had more better years than Steve Leach."

In the supplemental draft, Washington chose Brown junior defenseman Mike Brewer, the son of former NHL defenseman Carl Brewer.

* Several possible rule changes, including a rule allowing the use of instant replay, will be acted on by the NHL's Board of Governors tomorrow in Buffalo, N.Y.

In its present form, the proposal by the league's general managers would allow replays for goal-no goal situations in every building for both the regular season and the playoffs.

Another proposed rule would replace the magnets the league now uses to moor goals into the ice with plastic pegs. The pegs would snap off under pressure, which the league hopes will eliminate the numerous stoppages in play when the magnets were disengaged.

The league is also tinkering with the goal crease and behavior in it. The rectangular portion of the crease would be eliminated, except for the corners, which would remain to allow goalies to position themselves correctly.

The semicircle that remains also is likely to be painted a different color to emphasize that it is supposed to be off-limits to players.

It is a league rule that any goal scored while an offensive player is in the crease be disallowed. Another rule change would strengthen that position by also assessing the player in the crease a two-minute penalty.

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