Goodbyes and best wishes are extended to Sunset Elementary's principal Shirley T. Phillips, who will retire on July 1.

After a rewarding career of more than 32 years in public education, she will join her husband, Herb, traveling, playing golf and spending time together. Eventually they will be relocating to the west coast of Florida.

John Smith, principal at Belvedere Elementary School in Arnold, has been appointed principal.


Last week we bid hail and farewell to the class of '91.

Those young men and women cornered the majority of our attention, as they should, for their accomplishments.

But lurking out there is another unsung group, the class of '95, also known as eighth-graders from George Fox and Chesapeake Bay Middle Schools.

For many parents, myself included, middle school was a newexperience. Most of us attended an elementary school for eight yearsor a junior high, so we were not really sure just what middle schoolis all about.

They enter middle school as timid, unsure sixth-graders. Three years later, they are teens primed and ready for their passage onto high school. Hot stuff until September rolls around, and then it's back to the bottom rung of yet another ladder they'll have to climb.

Both middle schools conducted Student Awards Nights during the final week of school.

George Fox Middle presented awards on June 12 to its students.

Eleven team awards were given for outstanding academic performance to: Team 6A, Kimberly Kirby and Amanda Lesher; 6B, Amy Mildenburger and Sara Wojtanik; 6C, Amanda Llewellyn and Melissa Thomas; 6D, Erin McPate; 7A, Shannon Metzler; 7B, Nathaniel Fish; 8A, Lisa Rasnake; 8B, Carrie Griffin; 8C, David Bohn and BradleyEberhardt; and 8D, Jacqueline Rowan.

Awards for the most academically improved students were given to: Jennifer Canter, Angela Delozier, William Keating, Karl Matthews, Edward Mika, James Mills, Jessica Mitten, Kevin Murphy, Tamara Sowards, Bryan Sponheimer and Rod Straw.

Department awards were given to outstanding students for extra effort.

The math department award was given to Justin Bachmann.

Science department awards went to Kimberly Kirby for a winning entry in the National Scholastic Science Puzzle contest and Jason Yannuzzi for being selected to attend a space shuttle launch.

From the art department, sixth-graders Jake Hooker and Angie Pente received specialawards. Awards for outstand achievement in art were given to Jennifer Curran, James Janeski, Joe Morgan, Keung Kyu Namgoong and Sean Richardson.

Foreign language department awards were given to Rachel Bunn, Sarah David and Amanda Lesher for outstanding achievements in exploratory language. Outstanding honors in Spanish were awarded to Elizabeth Boone, Nathaniel Fish, David Linseck, Maleah Rey, Aaron Voelcker, Andrea Williams and Tammy Woomer.

For displaying overall excellence in home economics, honors went to Tasha Dunn, Jake Hooker, Jennifer Lawler, Jason Miele, Jake Miller and Andrea Williams.

Autumn Ambrose received the G.I.V.E. volunteer award.

Superintendent's Physical Fitness Awards went to Rachel Bunn, Chris Morrow, Brad Sebero and Carlos Zayas.

The physical education department and the PTA gave awards to members of the Foxy Ladies dance group and their parents:Tamar Bragg, Nichole Buch, Jessica Curran, Heather Douglas, Sonja Gladwin, Shelly Guy, Varerie Mann, Lisa Petraglia, Becky Porter, Gwen Treadwell, Andrea Williams and Jennifer Woolwine.

Outgoing PTA president Carlene Heilamn presented awards to principal John Brown and industrial arts teacher Tim Dahle. She also honored the teachers in the"Caring and Sharing" program: Barbara Corak, Joann Howard, Jane Mober, Marla Mooney, Pam Swaggerty and Steve Sweet.

Also honored were teacher Debbie Hickman, for designing the new PTA logo, and Tim Rhodes, Valerie Pendegraph and members of Girl Scout Troop 1242 for their help with Operation Desert Storm activities at the school.


Chesapeake Bay Middle School's Awards ceremony took place last Tuesday evening.

Fifty-eight eighth-grade students received Presidential Academic Fitness Awards. This award acknowledges students who have maintained a 3.5 grade-point average during their three years and scored80 percent or above on standardized tests.

The award was presented to:

Rebecca Adamarczyk, Chanise Adkins, Brian Appleby, Stacy Armstrong, Jennifer Bernardi, John Bradley, Helen Bui, Karen Cavey, Randy Clifford, Holly Colajezzi, Dawn Collins, Christopher Daywalt, Kristina Degentesh, Katherine Deters, Gregory Diggs, Margarite Drgos, Angela Ernest, Kimberly Fox, Melinda French, Eric Frienner, Deborah Hamilton, Laura Henne, Christina Horn, Tata Howland, Jaime Jones, MichelleKairis, Jay Kimmel and Kathleen Kniess.

Also, Gregory Marzullo, Stacie McLean, Donna Meek, Matthew Michalowicz, Jennifer Miller, BlakeMoore, Katrina Ochs, Mark Ochs, Joseph Okronley, Camelia Owens, Steven Peters, Brady Petrarca, Matthew Pettie, Emily Plenge, Jeffrey Pryor, Robert Redmond, Robert Rizer, Megan Schwartz, Drew Shetrone, Charles Siemer, Michele Singer, Suzanne Stumpp, Erin Thomas, Christopher Timmons, Olga Ulrey, Kathryn Wald, Patrick Walters, Jennifer Weedon, Michael Zeruto and Kevin Zichos.

Artists of the Year awards were given to Andy Mosmiller, Maury Primrose, Ron Schirmacher and Christopher Timmons.

The mathematics department presented special certificates to students for outstanding scores on the Sigma Math Test: ShannonGarvey, Gary Geisbert, Geoff Habicht, Michelle Horn, Thomas Jackson,Jay Kimmel, Kathy Kniess, Andy Mosmiller, Steven Peters, Robert Rizer and Matt Siemer.

Winner of the purple ribbon for highest school score on Sigma was Robert Redmond, who was also a member of the CBMS math team that won first place at the Annapolis Regional Mathcounts competition. Fellow team members receiving awards were Helen Bui, Kristina Degentesh, Christina Horn, Camelia Owens and Matt Siemer.

Several honors were awarded by the language arts department. Seventh-grader Kristy Young read her contest essay about the effects of drugs. Six other writers, Joanna Buckley, Kristina Degentesh, Belinda Hirschauer, Erica Hirschauer, Jaime Jones and Beth Till were honored for their literary efforts. CBMS Journal thanks were awarded to Tabitha Jones, Sahrah Lacker, Crystal Nichols, Mandy Quevedo and Amanda Sawyer.

The foreign language department presented six students with specialawards for outstanding achievement: French students Camelia Owens and James Hart; Spanish students Rebecca Adamarczyk and Rebecca Welsh; and German students John Bradley and Daniel Shimko.

Outstanding students in the home economics department were: Glen Ansted, Christina Horn, Stephanie Kairis and Benjamin Tucker.

Special recognition awards for dedicated work on the CBMS Yearbook were presented to Aisha Almond, Karen Cavey, Joe Okronley, Kim Pitzer and Jen Temerowski.

The social studies department presented awards to top students Becky Adamarczyk and Donna Meek, and a special pin was awarded to Becky forher participation at the sate semi-finals of the National Geography Bee.

Top music awards went to band students Randy Clifford and Debby Hamilton. String students Greg Marzullo and Kathryn Wals receivingspecial awards for outstanding efforts.

Erin Thomas was named most valuable girls intermural player by the physical education department; Matt Michalowicz and Blake Moore captured the boys division.

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