It was a bad night for crooks in Glen Burnie.

Two would-be armed robbers were beaten back Wednesday and chased from the scenes of their crimes within blocks of one other, police reports say.

Sandwich-maker Randy Johnson was alone behind the counter of the Subway store at Southgate Shopping Center at about 9:30 p.m., when a 5-foot-8 black male in his early 20s walked in and started banging onthe cash register, saying he was robbing the place.

But Johnson had different ideas.

"I told him to stay tight while I went in the back and got a knife out of the back. I was holding it under the counter," the 19-year-old Glen Burnie resident said.

Johnson guesses the robber saw the 12-inch knife because he grabbed for it. The two struggled for a short while over the counter. The robber got control ofthe knife first, but Johnson eventually came away with it and "started screaming at him," he said.

The robber retreated and threatenedJohnson that he would return, Johnson said.

Later, his boss told him he should have given up the money. But Johnson said "common sense" told him the thief, who had had his hand in the pouch of his overalls, didn't have a gun.

"If he had a gun he would have shown it. I didn't sense any real danger," he said. "What's there to fear? I mean, Jesus Christ would have been with me anyway."

Three hours later and three blocks to the west, contractor Thomas J. Carter had crime take a bite out of him while he retaliated.

Carter told police he answered a knock at his door and was rudely greeted by a white male inhis early 20s who stuck a gun to Carter's head and tried to force his way into Carter's home in the 500 block of Glen Court.

Carter, 35, told police he grabbed the gun and wrestled the robber to the ground in front of his house. During the struggle, the robber chomped on Carter's arm to get him to let go of the gun, but Carter held on.

Carter told police that he fired at the fleeing suspect and believed he hit his target. The robber escaped.

Carter was treated at NorthArundel Hospital for the bite. He could not be reached for comment yesterday.

Police have no record of either battered suspect going to an area hospital for treatment and were unable to track them down.

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