Children's hospital to benefit from 'Hook'


A London hospital for seriously sick children will receive at least $1 million from the Christmas release of Steven Spielberg's epic fantasy "Hook."

The film, which stars Dustin Hoffman, Robin Williams, Julia Roberts and Maggie Smith, is based on the 1904 children's play "Peter Pan." Author J.M. Barrie made a gift of the play's perpetual rights in 1929 to Great Ormond Street Hospital, which ever since has benefited from its royalties.

Spielberg paid a reported $500,000 for an option to make "Hook." In addition, Great Ormond Street signed deals with Columbia Tri-Star under which a further $500,000 will be raised from "Hook" premieres around the world. And if the movie manages to clean up at the box office, the hospital will also receive 3.75 percent of its net income.

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