United Way merges 2 money operations Fund-raising and allocation functions joined.


United Way officials have merged their fund-raising and allocation operations to improve efficiency in responding to the community's needs, agency officials said.

Prior to the merger, the fund-raising effort was managed by United Way of Central Maryland, and United Way Community Services allocated money to recipients. As a result of the merger, both functions will be performed by United Way of Central Maryland. The merger will become effective on July 1 when a single board will begin overseeing the operation, said Richard Sullivan, who has been named to chair the new board.

"By bringing these two operations into one, under one board, one chairman, we'll be more responsive to the community," said Sullivan who is president of Ferris Baker Watts Inc, a stockbrokerage firm.

At yesterday's meeting, officials voted to approve 29 new board members, most of whom had served on one of the original two boards. Nine more board members will be chosen from within the United Way agency, said Mel Tansill, a United Way spokesman.

Officials also elected a new treasurer, Arnold Williams, a managing partner of Abrams, Foster, Nole & Williams, and a new secretary, Ernest Grecco, president of the Metropolitan Council of AFL-CIO Unions, Tansill said.

Last year, United Way raised $31.9 million to serve 300 health and human services organizations in Baltimore and five surrounding counties, according to the agency's annual report.

Some of the programs United Way helped sponsor in 1990 targeted AIDS patients, pregnant teen-agers, and retarded citizens, the report said.

Partnerships with government, business, and community groups developed almost 500 child day care spaces, and brought adult literacy training and substance abuse education services to more than 36,000 people, Tansill said.

The new organization, which includes more than 90 staff members under President Norman Taylor, will start a new fund-raising campaign on Sept. 11.

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