Joan Caulfield, star of two television series...


Joan Caulfield, star of two television series of the 1950s an such western films as "Cattle King" and "Pony Express Rider," died of cancer Tuesday in Los Angeles at age 69. In "My Favorite Husband" on CBS-TV from 1953 to 1955, Miss Caulfield played the scatterbrained wife of a banker. On NBC-TV's "Sally" from 1957 to 1958, Miss Caulfield starred as Sally Truesdale, a former department store sales clerk who became the traveling companion to a zany, wealthy widow played by Marion Lorne.

Julijonas Steponavicius, the Lithuanian archbishop arrested by Soviet authorities in 1961 and sent into internal exile for 27 years, died Tuesday night in the Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. He was 79. Archbishop Steponavicius was arrested at the height of the government's campaign against the church in Lithuania, the Roman Catholic stronghold in the Soviet Union. He returned to Vilnius in December 1988.

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