Lots of chances to see the Orioles


On The Weekend Watch:

OH, THOSE O'S! -- Has there been a more frustrating team for fans than this year's Orioles? Every time they seem to be on a climb out of the cellar, as in Monday's sharp ninth-inning, third-straight victory over the Twins, they come back with something like yesterday's outrageous ninth inning. Oh well, Channel 2 offers four more opportunities for torture as the Birds head into Kansas City. Jim Palmer and Brooks Robinson will be broadcasting the full series with the Royals, with games at 8:30 p.m. tonight and Friday, 8 p.m. Saturday and 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

OYEZ! OYEZ! -- Genuine court cases, with real lawyers, judges and defendants, are the appeal of "Verdict," a new summer series premiering Friday on CBS (Channel 11). It's a half-hour show which, in somewhat backward fashion, precedes the similarly realistic "True Detectives" at 8:30. (Don't detectives usually do their work before a trial?)

SHORT STORIES -- The public TV series "American Playhouse" shows off the effective half-hour anthology format Friday (at 10 p.m., channels 22 and 67) with "Triple Play II," a trilogy of films by young directors.

ALMOST LIVE -- "Global Jam -- Center Stage" is a new syndicated concert performance show premiering at 10 p.m. Saturday (Channel 54), and continuing through September. A compilation of recent live concert footage from stages around the world, plus a weekly flashback clip to an earlier performance, the show's first outing includes Tom Petty, the bands Yes and Slaughter, and Paul McCartney in a classic London stage appearance.

A NEW MYSTERY -- MPT on Saturday launches a four-part British series, "The One Game," about a game inventor combating a mysterious villain. The show can be seen this week and next at 10 p.m. (channels 22 and 67), in double-episode blocks.

IN SEARCH OF PEACE -- Channel 13's Donna Hamilton says that while Israel is perhaps the world's most talked-about nation, it is also the least understood. In "The Peacemakers," an hourlong special at 7 p.m. Sunday, the former "Evening Magazine" host introduces viewers to some articulate people in Israel who are trying to foster cross-cultural understanding amid "the fiery dialogue" of historical disputes. Taped in Jerusalem over the recent Passover holiday, the show covers some interesting territory, offering a more hopeful view than the usual media message from this part of the world.

THE CABLE CONNECTION -- The premium Disney Channel has the weekend's most interesting film fare, with the screening Sunday (at 9 p.m.) of "Henry V," director/actor Kenneth Branagh's 1989 mounting of the Shakespearean classic. But take note that another film classic, Frank Capra's beloved "It's a Wonderful Life," usually and incessantly seen around Christmastime, gets a curious non-seasonal showing at 1 a.m. Friday (late-night Thursday) on the American Movie Classics channel.

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