What matters most to people


* Schools were rated most important to the quality of life (71.6 percent), followed by a low crime rate (68.5), health care (63.4), good jobs/wages (63) and the environment (57.9).

* Baltimore residents picked drugs and crime as the overwhelming problems, but were less concerned about taxes and the environment.

* The counties' top concerns: Anne Arundel, drugs; Baltimore County, crime; Carroll, the environment; Harford, the environment and taxes. In Howard, education and the environment.

* In Baltimore city and county, fewer than one-third of respondents considered growth a community problem. But in Anne Arundel, 41.5 percent did; Carroll, 52.1 percent; Harford, 57.4 percent; and Howard, 49.4 percent.

* Asked if communities should limit growth, the "yes" responses were: City, 47 percent; Anne Arundel, 73.9 percent; Baltimore County, 66.6 percent; Carroll, 81.1 percent; Harford, 78.3 percent; and Howard, 78.6 percent.

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