Army Pfc. Jeffrey M. Wagner returned home to his parents, Ronald andDarlene Wagner, last Thursday for the first time in 18 months.

The 20-year-old has been stationed in Dexhein, Germany, since Jan. 2, 1990, after he finished his basic training.

In January, Wagner, a medic, was deployed to Turkey with a Patriot Missile Firing Battalion that helped protect the Incirlik Air Base.

"I worked mostly in the hospital during the war," he said. "I sawa

couple of broken legs and some sick soldiers."

He also helped provide the Kurdish refugees on the Turkish border with food and blankets.

"I helped load food and blankets on a C-130 plane to take to them," he said.

Wagner graduated from Westminster High School in 1988 and joined the Army in October 1989. He will be home for a 30-day leave before returning to Germany for another eight months or so,he said.

"I've brought back a lot of memories from the last months," he said.

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