A 14-year-old Pasadena boy lost a large chunk of his lip while playing with a brown chow chow dog in Gambrills last Wednesday.

The boywas tagging along with his father, who was working on a pool in the 900 block of Annapolis Road on Wednesday afternoon, police reports said. The chow chow was turned in to the county department of Animal Control and executed by poison gas yesterday.

Shirley Williams, the owner of the chow and another dog, told police she had warned the boy not to go near the dogs, which were kept in a fenced-in portion of the yard. The boy had been encouraged to play with the dogs by his brother, who told him, "Go ahead, they won't bite."

Several minutes after the boy entered the pen, his father heard him moaning and saw him holding his face, which was missing a large portion of a lip, police said.

The brother called the dogs overto the fence and saw blood on the side of the chow.

The boy was treated and released from North Arundel Hospital.

Williams was unable to prove to animal control agents that the dog had been vaccinated, so it was taken into custody Friday and put to death yesterday.

"If there's a facial attack, that's the way it is, because the face is so close to the brain and rabies is a disease of the brain," AnimalControl Director Jan Worrell said.

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