More rain coming, but more is needed


Steady rains were expected today through most of Maryland, but some agricultural experts said more will be needed to save some crops already harmed by the two-month drought in the state.

A stationary frontal system continued to hover over much of Maryland, bringing morning rain and drizzle and the prospect of afternoon thunderstorms this evening. More rain is possible tomorrow before a gradual clearing begins tomorrow evening, said Bill Miller, a forecaster for the National Weather Service.

Today's precipitation follows scattered rainfall, heavy in places, yesterday morning. More than 3 inches fell at College Park, 3 inches at Bowie, more than 2 at Salisbury and Silver Spring and more than 1 1/2 at Easton. Westminster and Pikesville recorded nearly an inch and a reporting station in Bel Air logged more than a half-inch.

"Where we're averaging about 6 to 7 inches [of rain] below normal right now, we need quite a bit to get us back to normal," said Richard Curran, University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service agent for Baltimore County. "But 1 to 2 inches would be quite helpful."

Said Roberta Weber, an extension agent in Howard County: "Halleluiah! The corn's already looking better. But we still could use a couple days of slow soft rains."

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