THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!

Bowater"Bowater (BOW, NYSE, around $30) is one...



"Bowater (BOW, NYSE, around $30) is one of the largest producers of newsprint. We expect a rebound in the stock as the economy begins to strengthen," says S&P; Outlook of New York.

"Bowater is a low-cost producer whose profit margins should widen dramatically with prices in the industry firm. We look for earnings of $1.80 a share this year . . . However, we see a rebound to $3 per share or more next year.

"The stock should be a good performer in the period ahead."

Spec's Music

"We are adding Spec's Music (SPEK, OTC, around $4) to our model portfolio. The company operates 57 music stores in Florida. The company is suffering from the blues that have afflicted most retailers over the past six months -- primarily the lack of consumer confidence," says The Clean Yield of Greensboro Bend, Vt.

"Unlike many retailers, Spec's was quick to recognize the poor sales environment and has actively managed itself . . . We believe it is worth buying the stock now -- in anticipation of an improving environment."


"Statistics show that about 60 percent of people over age 75 need some form of long-term care; nearly half of those stay in nursing homes. The graying of America provides natural long-term growth to the nursing home industry. One beneficiary of this is Vari-Care (VCRE, OTC, around $4), which operates 24 long-term health care facilities in the South and Southwest," says The Kon-Lin Letter of Rocky Point, N.Y.

"The company is financially stable. Our long-term target for the stock is a move to the $12 area."


"Pfizer (PFE, NYSE, around $58), which has one of the strongest new drug pipelines in the industry, should enjoy accelerated earnings growth over the next few years," says S&P; Outlook of New York.

"The company has six new drug applications under review by the FDA including three potential blockbusters: Norvasc, Zoloft, and Zithromax, an oral antibiotic. We estimate profits will climb 13 percent in 1991 and 19 percent next year. The stock is an attractive buy for superior long-term appreciation potential."

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