County police have charged four people with conspiracy to distributecrack cocaine after undercover officers watched a deal in a Shady Side parking lot Friday.

Shawn Lennard Patterson, 19, of the 1400 block of Shady Rest Road in Shady Side was charged with possession withintent to distribute 2 grams of cocaine. Three others were charged with conspiracy to possess and distribute cocaine: Rico Carol Smith, 18, of the 5200 block of Nick Road in Shady Side; Terry Eric Gregory, 26, of Shady Side Road in Churchton; and Gary Lee Hawkins, 25, of the1400 block of Columbia Beach Road in Shady Side.

Officers had staked out the Paceway parking lot on Route 468 about 8 p.m., when they saw a car with three people come into the lot andpark.

Police reports say the men left the car and began counting money. A few minutes later, another man drove up and entered the car with the three men.

Police officers shadowed them as they drove toa home in "a known drug area" along Bowman Court in Annapolis. A short time later they came out of the house and headed back toward ShadySide, police said.

The officers stopped them at Route 2 and Riva Road, searched the car and found the 2 grams of cocaine.


A Montgomery County woman was robbed when she stopped at a 7-Eleven at 7:11 p.m. Thursday to ask for directions.

Grace O'Connor, 69, of the 15700 block of Tierra Drive in SilverSpring, told police a plastic handbag full of jewelry and medical records, valued at $1,820, was taken from her car when she went into the store at the intersection of Old Mill Road and Interstate 97.


A Millersville man was swindled out of $40 by a stranger posing as a repairman at an Annapolis Exxon station.

County police said that Thomas Dingbaum of the 1800 block of Woodrail Drive was gassing up at the station at the corner of Route 450 and U.S. 50 when a man approached him and offered to fix the high-pitched whistling coming from Dingbaum's car.

The man fiddled with some wires and plugs under the hood and charged Dingbaum $40, police said.

The next day Dingbaum had his car checked out by the dealer and was told the whistling was normal. When he returned to the Exxon station to complain, he was told nobody employed there fit the description of the flimflam artist.

Police described the con man as blond and about 5 feet 7 inches tall.


A contractor lost $4,500 in cash while waiting to pay his pager bill in a Linthicum office complex Friday afternoon.

DouglasJ. Quill, 29, of the 3800 block of 56th Place, Hyattsville, had justcashed a company check and was carrying $4,600 in an envelope when he decided to stop at U.S.A. Telecommunications, in the 800 block of Airport Park Road, to pay his bill, county police said.

He took $100 out of the envelope and put the rest in his pocket, then went to pay his bill. But when a clerk told him she would only accept a check, he tried to put the $100 bill back in the envelope and found the envelope was gone.

Three unidentified men, who were in line in front of Quill, were listed by police as suspects, though the clerk said shenever saw them go near Quill or stoop to pick anything up.


County police are looking for four men, possibly from the Washington area, who severely beat a Gambrills man in Severn on Sunday evening.

Robert C. Queen II, 19, of the 1000 block of Route 3 was listed in serious but stable condition Sunday night at the Maryland Shock Trauma Center after being struck in the head and chest by four different attackers wielding bottles, pieces ofmetal and brass knuckles, police said.

An unnamed female witness said the fight broke out between Queen, who police say was under the influence of drugs, and a man named Jerry. The three other suspects came to Jerry's aid and began punching and beating Queen, the witness told police.

Police searched the area but could not locate the suspects.

Jerry is described as 5 feet 3 inches tall. The other threesuspects are described as over 6 feet tall and in their late teens or early 20s.


A Hanover man was beaten and robbed near Friendship Park in Glen Burnie Thursday by two men posing as Good Samaritans.

Richard R. Clark Sr. of the 1500 block of Valley Green Circle told police his car broke down along DorseyRoad about 11 p.m.

While he was looking under the hood, two men drove up beside him asking if he needed any help. But when they got out of their car, instead of tools, they were carrying a bat and bottle.

Clark was hit in the head by the men, who took $55 in cash, his car keys and a $200 ring, he told police. When Clark returned to the scene of the crime Friday morning, his car was missing, too.

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