Poll confirms Terps' woes in early '80s


Among Atlantic Coast Conference schools, the University of Maryland came out near the bottom of a Division I survey of graduation rates of male and female basketball players who enrolled between 1980 and 1984.

The survey, conducted by USA Today, found that while 45

percent of all students who enrolled at Maryland during the 1980-84 period completed their degree work within five years only 27 percent of all male basketball players and 38 percent of all women players did so.

The figure for male players, which represents four graduates of 15 players who entered, is third worst in the Atlantic Coast Conference, placing Maryland just ahead of Clemson (21 percent) and North Carolina State (18 percent).

The figure for Maryland women (six of 16) was the lowest among the nine ACC schools, including Florida State, which will enter the conference next month.

Maryland athletic director Andy Geiger declined to comment on the survey specifically, saying the school had been through "one of the worst periods" during the survey time frame, referring to the death of Len Bias.

"I can't run a program looking into a rear-view mirror," said Geiger. "We're separating ourselves from that time. Anybody knows that things were lousy then.

"We want to be very, very good on the basketball court, but we want to be solid in the classroom, and we also want to deliver the goods to the students."

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