Dedicated citizenNow that all the homecoming celebrations...


Dedicated citizen

Now that all the homecoming celebrations for our returning trooops are about over, I'm sure all Americans will join me in paying tribute to all the regular, ative-duty armed service embers stationed overseas. These people were also taken from their bases and sent to the gulf, separating them from their families.

Let's remember that it takes an exemplary citizen to devote his or her life to the protection of these United States. So here's a big salute to all our people stationed overseas. May you spend the remainder of your tours in pease.

Christine D. Clifford


Learn from Lee

The political fire caused by the motion of the pending civil rights bill is not eternal. It could easily be extinguished if the Bush administration would learn from the late Lee Atwater.

Just before his death, Atwater make apologies and said, "My illness helped me to see that what was missing in society is what was missing in me: a little heart, a lot of brotherhood."

If it took an illness to give sight to Atwater, what will it take for Bush?

Roscoe Barnes III

Fort Meade

Mac, Not Ike

In his letter concernig the treatment of returning troops (Forum, June 11), Gerry Rinker identifies the wrong person as leading the expulsion of members of the Bonus Army from Washington in 1932.

It was Douglas MacArthur, not Dwight Eisenhower, whose troops used cavaly charges, among other means, to uproot those veterans of World War I from their Anacostia campground.

General MacArthur went on, of course, to greater thinks in the following decade. His leadership style in the Pacific campaign against the Japanese, while strategically brilliant, was received by the rank and file under his command with decidedly mixed feelings.

Robert A. Gourlay


The writer served in the U.S. Army Air Forces in the Western Pacific during World War II.

Literacy campaigns

Literacy campaigns create the framework of an organization that enables a community to work as a community. They also allow individuals, perhaps for the first time, to think in a logical way. They allow a community access to a fund of new information which can bring new ideas and encourage development. They strengthen the cooperative processes of government and make possible mature dialogue for building human relationships. In short, literacy is the essential skill.

There are a variety of successful techniques for conquering illiteracy. Not all of them are related to formal education. We need creative and fresh approaches.

Too much foormal education is designed to produce educated professionals rather than skilled literate people. This kind of nonformal education can be geared to all ages and levels.

What does ignorance mean? It means not knowing a better way exists. It means not knowing how to think about a problem so that it may be solved.

What does it mean to conquer ignorance? It means to give the most procious gift of all -- the gift of knowledge.

This is not beyond the ability -- nor, one hopes, the desire -- of any of us.

Sheila Waters


Increase Maryland's gas tax

We are pleased that the state legislature and the governor have come to a tentative agreement on higher motor vehicle fees as a way to pay for important highway improvements. This agreement will not only help make Maryland's roads safer and more efficient, it also will engable the state to retain federal matching money.

However, this is a short-term slution. It is imperative that state leaders focus on important long-term goals as well. Studies shw that in the next five years, the highway fund will need $1.5 billion. Without this money, Marylanders will face even higher volumes of traffic on roads and bridges that already need repair, and higher costs to operate vehicles.

These same studies indicate that a 10-cent increase in the gas tax would allow the highway fund to get the needed money. It's a small enough investment for Marylanders to ensure that their roads are safer and more efficent than ever. After all, the taxpayers are going to pay the price whether it is in the form of a tax or through increased motor vehicle operating costs.

The time to put Maryland's highway fund back on tract is now -- not next year. We call on the governor and legilsature to do more than meet our short-term needs. Let's think to the future of all state residents and pass the gas tax now.

Robert E. Latham

Glen Burnie

The writer is executive director of Marylanders for Efficient & Safe Highways.

Picking a name

Seems to me that the privilege of naming the new sports stadium should be accorded to the people of the Eastern Shore.

* Aftear all, fair is fair.!

George T. Bebko


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