Let's say you've been bowling for, oh, 14 or 15 years and you've never had a 300 game. You'll take it any time, any place, right? Well think about what happened to Bob McCray at Brunswick Normandy a couple of weeks ago.

McCray has a career high 750 set but never cracked the 300 game. In addition to the leagues that he bowls at Kings Point on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, this year he signed up for a Thursday night league at Normandy.

First game on the first night of the Normandy league wasn't too bad, 236.

Second game was a tad off, 197.

The third game, bingo:300. That's a nice 733 series and the first 300 of McCray's career.

No problem.

Except that now McCray has a 244 average -- want totry and keep that for the rest of summer, folks?


If you'd like to watch a group of bowlers who enjoy the sport a bit more than most, stop in at Brunswick Normandy lanes Friday mornings. That's when the Hebron House and the Ellicott City Senior Site bowlers are in action.

All of these bowlers are over 60 years old, and those from Hebron House, whose seniors have been bowling for the last seven years,usually need a little assistance due to those nagging little physical infirmities that come with advancing age.

Harriet Watkins, site manager for Hebron House, has been with the Office of Aging in HowardCounty for 14 years.

"It's a wonderful social and physical activity for both the bowlers and the fans," said Harriet Watkins, site manager for Hebron House.

"Currently our oldest bowler is 90 years old. We have seniors bowl with crutches, walkers and in wheel chairs. If anyone is interested in joining us at the senior center or on the lanes, please contact us."

There you go, folks, an open invitation to seniors. Call Watkins at 313-2716 or call Carla Beuhler at 313-2715.

These folks don't just bowl, they have other activities: cards,bingo, crafts, movies, trips and a pot lunch every day.


PeteReichardt is still bowling pretty good, too. Reichardt's a year older than the last time we spoke to him. But for him that just means another year of bowling.

Reichardt is 81 now, and he's still averaging about 170. What's his secret to holding a strong average?

"I stick to basics, I don't fool around trying to change everything every time I hit a slump," Reichardt said.

"Sometimes things don't go toowell, and you have to accept that. I just keep on bowling until I get out the slump."

That's sound advice from a man who knows.


Just so you don't think you're alone, there were 8 million league bowlers and 61 million casual bowlers participating in 8,000 centers last year.

A good reason to start booking your fall/winter league right now. It gets crowded, folks.


At Brunswick Normandy lanes, there's still time to join the Phantom Ball league. The league meets at 9:15 p.m. on Thursday. It started May 30 and will run for 13 weeks.

It's $15 per week, and you receive a Phantom bowling ball, free. The folks at Normandy will have it drilled for you, too.

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