"Would you pull out Stormin' Norman during the battle?" asked Donna Thewes in a plea for John Vermette to be allowed to remain one more year as principal of Laurel Woods Elementary School.

The Laurel Woods PTA president's plea fell on deaf ears Thursday as Superintendent Michael E. Hickey announced appointments or transfers of principals at two high schools, two middle schools and seven elementary schools.

The changes:

High school: David A. Bruzga, Hammond principal, moves to Oakland Mills to replace retiring Principal Sue Ann Tabler; Marshall Peterson, principal of Gateway special school for students with disciplinary problems, moves to Hammond to replace Bruzga.

Middle school: Vincent Catania, principal of Smithsburg High School in Washington County, becomes principal of Glenwood Middle School, replacing retiring Principal Robert Childers; Larry Cohen, assistant principal at Centennial High School, becomes principal of Oakland Mills Middle School, replacing retiring Principal Marchmont Girod.

Elementary school: Philip Arbaugh transfers from Dasher Green to Bushy Park; John Vermette transfers from Laurel Woods to Dasher Green; Judy Blandtransfers from BryantWoods to Guilford; David MacPherson transfers from Bushy Park to Thunder Hill, where Principal C. Anthony Yount's assignment has not yet been announced.

Also, Donald Hoes transfers from Guilford to Waterloo; Tricia Tidgewell, principal of Cedar Ridge Elementary in Eden Prairie, Minn., becomes principal of Laurel Woods;Susan Webster, assistant principal at Bollman Bridge, becomes principal at Bryant Woods.

Thewes said she came to the board meeting expecting that her request to allow Vermette to remain at Laurel Woods one more year would have no greater success than similar parents' requests in the past.

But Laurel Woods needs continuity because the school is seriously overcrowded, Thewes said.

Enrollment is now 790 in a school built for 544 and is projected to reach 865 in 1991-1992.Relief is expected to come with the opening of the new southeastern elementary school in August 1992.

Vermette has held everyone together while scrounging for space in the overcrowded school, scheduling dual assemblies and double back-to-school nights to accommodate the bulging student body, Thewes said.

She added that she felt a new principal coming into the situation from out of state would be at a disadvantage.

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