Editor's note: In the May 26 issue...


Editor's note: In the May 26 issue of The Harford County Sun, we asked readers their views on the disclosure that James D. Fielder Jr., the new county economic development director, is named in court records as having more than $200,000 in liens filed against him and severalother loan guarantors. Below are responses received last week.


From: Darlene Tester

Havre de Grace

I think that James D. Fielder, Eileen Rehrmann and the County Council share in the error.

The fact that major liens were filed against a political appointee to be director of economic development seems to be a pertinent issue that should have been disclosed by both Rehrmann and Fielder to the County Council. The fact that this information was not disclosed is justifiably outrageous.

However, the County Council should surely be aware by now that they need to conduct their own investigations into issues and appointments that are presented for their approval. No information provided regarding any issue should be taken on face value.

The electorate of Harford County gave a clear signal that we want full disclosure and forthright information presented to the County Council on all issues.

In this case, even if Fielder's financial situation would not affect his performance as director of economic development, the non-disclosure casts a shadow which causes the appearanceof impropriety.

Once again, the electorate must be wary of how seriously some of our elected officials take their position of public trust.

Hopefully, the council has learned this lesson and will in the future not accept face value. This council has the trust and backing of the electorate and just as we found that we had to watch and monitor our local government carefully, they must do the same.

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