Hemond 0-for-2?Just recently, it was reported that...


Hemond 0-for-2?

Just recently, it was reported that David Dombrowski, general manager of the Montreal Expos, said he owed his success to the man who trained him for the job, Roland Hemond. Is it just a coincidence that the Expos also are languishing in last place?

Owen Connally


Enjoyment up in smoke

After attending three home games at Memorial Stadium, I have realized the disgust and helplessness non-smoking fans feel. The fun and excitement of a third strike or the crack of the bat of a long drive is diminished by the puff of smoke that consistently seems to be present. I think it is time for the non-smoking fan, who is in the majority, to make a positive stand against passive smoke.

Lou Benson


Honor the Babe

I have followed with interest the debate concerning the new baseball stadium name. On the Sun Poll, I was fascinated that there was so much opposition to the popular choice of Babe Ruth.

The biggest reason that was advanced was that the Babe was a Yankee. I feel that would be considered a very good reason at this time. Back in the Babe's playing days, I believe the situation was a lot different. The Orioles were a minor-league team then and before the days of George Steinbrenner.

Babe Ruth was the most famous of all sports heroes. Nobody comes even close to matching his fame. The fact that he was born and grew up in the stadium area was a lucky break for Baltimore.

Not only should they name the new stadium for the Babe, but they should clear out the whole area between the stadium and Emory Street. The area right now is dominated by the Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. power station.

That area could be developed into a turn of the century theme park or entertainment area which would dwarf anything that has ever been done in Baltimore.

ewis F. Holmes

Glen Burnie

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