Dear Dr. Stadium:The Orioles' dugout at Memorial...


Dear Dr. Stadium:

The Orioles' dugout at Memorial Stadium is on the third-base side, but it will be on the first-base side at the new stadium. I assume that season-ticket holders on the first-base side at Memorial Stadium will still have priority for comparable seat locations. Am I correct?

( Samuel I. Rosenberg Baltimore

Dear Mr. Rosenberg:

Thanks for your letter and for raising this fascinating question. You do not mention whether you are a season-ticket holder with excellent field-level boxes on the first-base side at Memorial Stadium and a burning desire to stay there at the new downtown ballpark or (more likely) heard I like opening mail.

Anyway, I thought about your question for several days, even turning down an offer to deliver the commencement address at the Glen Burnie College of Cosmotology. Finally, I concluded I had no idea. So, I phoned Bob Aylward, Orioles vice president for business, who knows a lot about tickets. Aylward said lots of people are asking about this very issue, but that the Orioles don't know yet.

I thought harder. I made some more calls. I now offer this prediction: In all but extreme cases, a fan with seats on the first-base side at Memorial Stadium will be sitting on the 'N first-base side at Camden Yards.

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