Firing manager may not always get team fired up


Fact: Three of the five major-league teams that have fired their managers this season are still in last place. And the other two are in the same division as one of the last- placers.

Opinion: The Seattle Mariners would win the AL East.

Fact: The Chicago Bulls won 55 of their last 65 games.

Opinion: It sure would make a positive statement if UNLV replaced the Tark with a law-and-order guy. (If there is a law-and-order guy, that is.)

Fact: The combined lifetime ERA of the Orioles' current rotation -- Ballard, Mesa, Milacki, Robinson, Smith -- is 4.85.

Opinion: The Pirates' off-season problems don't seem to be causing them much trouble these days.

Fact: The placing judge at Belmont said Meadow Star was a sixteenth of an inch ahead of Lite Light at the finish line last weekend.

Opinion: Thumbs-up to the Bullets' trade for Michael Adams. Guy can play.

Fact: The Memphis Rockers of the World Basketball League have a player named House Guest.

Opinion: David Robinson is terrific in those Mister Robinson commercials.

Fact: Letter-writer Lewis Griffith says that, considering Edward Bennett Williams' scare tactics that got the new baseball stadium built, it should be called Scamden Yards.

Opinion: You knew the Texas Rangers were in big trouble when they were only tied for first after winning 14 straight games.

Fact: (from the Update Div.) Seve Ballesteros, in the throes of a terrible slump when last seen at the Masters, has won three tourneys in five weeks on two continents.

Opinion: The silliest thing heard lately was Larry Brown saying it is a "great opportunity" for him to leave an NBA championship-caliber team to go to South Carolina.

Fact: Mickey Tettleton is halfway to last year's HR and RBI totals.

Opinion: Major Harris (now playing for an indoor league team) can't be that bad.

Fact: In the baseball draft's 27-year history, 27 percent of the draftees have been from California.

Opinion: If track really wanted to clean up its act, it would have banned Ben Johnson forever. For real.

Fact: Of the four players composing the next generation of American tennis -- Michael Chang, Jim Courier, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi -- only Agassi hasn't won a Grand Slam title.

Opinion: Bring on football season.

Fact: Arthur Rhodes, one of the Orioles' prime pitching prospects, is back on the mound at Hagerstown after missing three weeks with (yikes) arm trouble.

Opinion: The All-Star balloting is looking particularly silly this year. Mark McGwire (.202), Benito Santiago (benched for not hustling), Sandy Alomar (.202) and Darryl Strawberry (.227, seven homers) make it as of now.

Fact: The Orioles' Leo Gomez asked for an English-speaking roommate when he signed five years ago. Wanted to learn the new language, not hide behind the old one.

Opinion: The two National League expansion teams may win as many games as the A's in 1993.

Fact: Mets announcer Ralph Kiner recently explained that Jim Essian was the Cubs' 42nd manager "in their long history since 1776."

Opinion: Watching Dwight Evans play every day, it is easy to see how the Red Sox fans developed such a loyalty.

Fact: With five managers fired this year, we're two short of the pre-All-Star Game record set in 1977.

Opinion: I wish all of the announcers on TV were as much fun as Bud Collins.

Fact: If the Orioles really want me to dress as I did in 1966 next Wednesday, I'll have to go find a red fireman's hat.

Opinion: The NFL should let the networks use the helmet camera. Terrific stuff.

Fact: Eric Heiden, 32, has become an orthopedist after graduating from Stanford Medical School.

Opinion: If Financial World magazine says the Orioles are worth $200 million, we shouldn't believe anything Financial World magazine tells us.

Fact: Magic on Bulls: "Probably the best team we've played in The Finals."

Opinion: Those complaining about the Glenn Davis trade will stop when he's healthy.

Fact: When the Giants called up infielder Tony Perezchica, he called off his wedding. "[His fiancee] was happy to hear I was going to the majors," he said, "but then she thought about it and said, 'Wait a second.' "

Opinion: The biggest surprise of the NBA season, it turns out, is that the Lakers beat Portland.

Fact: Every time the Dodgers have finished second with Tom Lasorda managing, they have won their division the next year. (Bonus fact: They finished second last season.)

Opinion: (from the replay booth) So, Charm Park. C'mon, you love it.

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