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Crash response upsets Dykstra


Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Lenny Dykstra thinks he' being followed.

He expounded on this theory yesterday, after a workout at Veterans Stadium. But was he speaking figuratively? You decide.

The post-car-crash publicity "has been a lot worse than I thought. I can't even go out my door without some woman from [Mothers] Against Drunk Driving saying something. I just don't know what she wants me to do, what people want me to do. I said I made a mistake, I said it everywhere. I told them I was gonna do something for the community, for all the kids out there.

"I guess [MADD] wants me to cut off an arm and call it even. I feel bad that it happened, I'm sorry it happened. But I can't dwell on that. I have to try to go forward, get ready to play baseball again. I don't know, I think someone's following me, to be honest with you. I mean, it's really weird. I don't know what the deal is."

Dykstra, who suffered three broken ribs, a broken collarbone and a fractured cheekbone when his sports car slammed into two trees May 6, faces drunken-driving charges.

He plans to join the Phillies June 25 and be activated July 5.

Dykstra played catch at the Vet for the first time since the crash. He reported that his collarbone was "a little stiff. I couldn't expect it to feel better than that. . . . But the bone's healing now."

* REDS: Manager Lou Piniella was ejected in the first inning in Montreal on Thursday after arguing with umpire Bob Davidson after a pair of close pickoff plays.

On his way off the field, Piniella leaned at Davidson, squinted his eyes and used his hands to mimic a pair of glasses. Then, he tipped his cap and left. "[Davidson] was baiting me. It's like he wanted me to move on him. He said I can't look at him, and I said, 'I'd rather look at prettier things than you.' "

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