Graduation day finally arrived for some of Pasadena's best and brightest sons and daughters over the weekend. But before their final walkacross the stage, June graduates from the Class of '91 were honored at Senior Awards Nights last week at Northeast and Chesapeake high schools.

Awards Night is set aside for students who distinguished themselves in the classroom and in a wide variety of extracurricular activities.

At Northeast, Amy Eck received the Presidential Academic Fitness Award. The award is given to graduating seniors who have maintained a3.3 grade-point average since ninth grade and scored in the 80th percentile on the SAT.

Two graduates, Sandra Fox and Sung Yun, received honorable mention in the Maryland Distinguished Scholars program.

Department awards were presented to Scott Floyd, art; Kimberly Smith, business education; Sung Yun, English; Sandra Fox, foreign language; Urcilia Jones, home economics; Amy Eck, mathematics and chemistry; Kerry Ireland, music/choir; Melissa Scarborough, music/band; JoshuaHall and Steven Strauss, physical education; Joseph Rolf, biology; Tanya Eaton, physics; Heather Isaac, social studies; Steven Saunders, technical education; John Castle and Shawna Gerling, vocational experience.

State of Maryland Merit Scholars awards for students who ranked in the top 5 percent of the class were given to Stacey Barton, Tanya Eaton, Amy Eck, Sandra Foz, Deneen Haines, Stephanie Lazor, Laurie Rasnake, Steven Schwaab, Kimberly Smith and Sung Yun.

General Maryland State Scholarship awards were presented to Tanya Eaton, Melissa Galliher and Adam Vernon.

Senior class officer medals were given to Heather Evans, Beth Gavin, Joseph Rolf and Ericka Shade.

Other local, state and general scholarships and awards were presented to:

Amy Eck -- presidential scholarship, Eastern Nazarene College; Tandy Technology Top 2 percent academic scholars award; Maryland Army National Guard Academic Excellence award; letter of academic excellence; Raymond A. Kaufman Memorial; National Honor Society; East Anne Arundel Lions Club.

Sung Yun -- McDonald's Ray Kroc achievement award; Tandy Top 2 percent academic scholars award; Maryland Army NationalGuard academic excellence award and Scholar/Athlete award; letter ofacademic excellence; Kiwanis Club of Mountain Road; National Honor Society.

Sandra Fox -- U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete award; trustee scholarship, Western Maryland College; Tandy Technologytop 2 percent academic scholars award; Maryland Army National Guard Scholar/Athlete award; letter of academic excellence; Chesapeake Women's Club; National Honor Society.

Tanya Eaton -- Capital/Gazette All Star Academic Team scholarship; NAACP Merit award; Maryland Army National Guard academic excellence award; National Honor Society. Steven Schwaab -- U.S. Army Reserve National Scholar/Athlete award; Maryland Army National Guard academic excellence award and Scholar/Athleteaward; Anne Arundel County Sun Academic Athletic Team; East Anne Arundel Lioness Club; National Honor Society; Northeast High School PTSA.

Jennifer Lee -- John Paul Jones Sons of the American Revolution Good Citizen award. Kelly Tibbs -- Academic/athletic scholarship, Robert Morris College; Maryland State ASA scholarship; United Auto Workers Local 239 scholarship; Mars Supermarkets, Inc. Kimberly Smith -- Tandy Technology Top 2 percent academic scholars award; Maryland Army National Guard academic excellence award; National Honor Society; Pasadena Sign Co.

Stephanie Lazor -- Tuition Scholarship, Shepherd College; Maryland State ASA scholarship; Maryland Tenpin Bowling Council scholarship; Maryland Army National Guard academic excellence awardand Scholar/Athlete award; Amateur Athletic Union/Mars Milky Way High School All-American award; Florida Marina/Boat Sales Inc.

Russell Curry -- Scholarship grant, North Carolina Wesleyan College. Heather Isaac -- Softball scholarship award, Catonsville Community College;Maryland State ASA scholarship. Paula Cinelli -- Maryland Tenpin Bowling Council scholarship. Tammy Kuebel and Nicole Meister -- MarylandState ASA scholarship.

Melissa Scarborough -- Maryland State ASA scholarship; James E. Griffin Memorial. Susan Rogers -- Trustee scholarship, Villa Julie College. Stacey Barton -- Maryland Army National Guard academic excellence award and Scholar/Athlete award; National Honor Society; Patricia Born Duckett Sunset Elementary PTA; George FoxMiddle School PTSA.

Keith Hupka -- Scholarship award, Norwich University; Northeast High School PTSA; Goodyear Tire Center of MountainRoad. Kristy Zulka -- Scholarship award, Campbell University. DeneenHaines -- Maryland Army National Guard academic excellence award; National Honor Society award; East Anne Arundel Lioness Club.

LaurieRasnake -- Maryland Army National Guard academic excellence award; Riviera Beach Elementary PTA; Kiwanis Club of Mountain Road; National Honor Society; Pasadena Business Association. Jennifer Kisiner -- Softball scholarship award, Catonsville Community College. Steven Strauss -- Scholarship award, Allegany Community College; Lucky's. Cathy O'Neil -- National Security Agency cash award.

Bryan Kershaw -- Lacrosse scholarship, Catonsville Community College. Jamie Barnett -- National Honor Society award. Joshua Keen -- Riviera Beach Elementary PTA. Heather Evans -- Harold N. Zastrow Memorial; Ladies of the Elks ofSeverna Park. Adam Vernon -- Lucky's; Ki- Wives of Mountain Road.

Steven Stinnett -- George Fox Middle School PTSA. Daniel Backes -- Atlantic Federal Savings Bank. Tina Wilson -- Dr. Aaron D. Barad. Joseph Rolf -- Northeast Class of 1991. Brian Parsons -- Pasadena Business Association. Alan Tetrault -- anonymous donated award. Kenneth Wood, Lauer's Superthrift.

"All told, Northeast's Class of '91 earned over $301,000 in scholarship money," school counselor Suzanne Kauffmann said.


Recognition of the accomplishments of Chesapeake's Class of '91 took place June 6 at the school.

Katherine Degentesh was recognized as a finalist in the National Merit Scholars program. Receiving commended scholars accolades from the National Merit programwere Chavdar Chuknyisky, Garrett LeCron, Diane McBee, Marianne Rivers and Michael Sokoloff.

Degentesh, LeCron and Sokoloff also were honored as finalists in the high achiever category of the Maryland Distinguished Scholars program. Christine Hilker and Diane McBee received semifinalist honors, high achiever category, from the Maryland Distinguished Scholars program,with Sherri Malloy receiving honorable mention.

Departmental awards were given to Wendy Maisel, art; ShirleyBrown, business education; Garrett LeCron, English; Chavdar Chuknyisky, foreign language; Dennis Lynch, industrial arts; Michael Sokoloff, mathematics and science; Fredrick Hall, music; Jeffrey Young, physical education and David Fontaine, social studies.

Presidential Academic Fitness Awards were presented to Jolecia Beard, Joshua Bokee, Katherine Degentesh, Christine Hilker, Erik Kornmeyer, Garrett LeCron,Sherri Malloy, Diane McBee, Kerry McCloskey, Jason Pellegrini, Marianne Rivers, Michael Sokoloff and Shelly Upton.

State of Maryland Merit Scholars awards were given to Jolecia Beard, Shirley Brown, Brian Chew, Jessica Connor, Katherine Degentesh, Stephanie Fox, ChristineHilker, Kimberly Jarvis, Supriya Korah, Kathryn Kornmayer, Garrett LeCron, Sherri Malloy, Diane McBee, Kerry McCloskey, Marianne Rivers, Michael Sokoloff, Robert Szulezewski and Jay Thomas.

General Maryland State Scholarships were presented to Katherine Degentesh, Kerry McCloskey, Donna Miracle and Steven Shepard.

Other state, local andgeneral scholarships and awards were given to Garrett LeCron -- AnneArundel County Board of Education scholarship; Presidential scholarship, Loyola College; "It's Academic," Giant Food; the Rev. James Davis Memorial scholarship, Lake Shore Rotary. Michael Sokoloff, Scholarship for Scholars science scholarship; ROTC scholarship, Duke University;Capt. John A. Skinner engineering scholarship; U.S. Army Scholar Athlete award; "It's Academic," Giant Food.

Diane McBee -- SCM Chemicals scholarship; Capital/Gazette scholarship; U.S. Army Scholar Athlete award. Jay Thomas -- Scholarship for Scholars vocational education scholarship; McDonald's Ray Kroc achievement award; Mountain Road Optimists; CHS Athletic Boosters. Katherine Degentesh -- Beneficial Hodson Washington College scholarship; Sophie Kerr Gift for English Literature; Chesapeake Women's Club.

Kathryn Kornmayer -- Presidential scholarship, Loyola College. Chavdar Chuknyisky -- Presidential scholarship, American University. Michael Sims -- Presidential scholarship, University of Tampa. Christine Hilker -- Presidential scholarship, University of Maryland Baltimore County. Supriya Korah, Presidential scholarship, Villa Julie College. Christine Rizzo -- Departmental award, Villa Julie College. Amy Ordakowski -- Academic scholarship, Long Island University. Sherri Malloy -- Dean/Alumni scholarship, Goucher College; Paul Douglas scholarship; Christa McAuliffe scholarship.

Jyllian Clarke -- African American academic achievement award; Pasadena Elementary School PTA. Benjamin Scholes -- Pasadena Business Association; Kiwanis Club of Mountain Road. Jennifer Luhman and Kelly Mitchell -- International Order of Job's Daughters scholarship. Jennifer Stutzman -- Pasadena Business Association. Claudia Pyles -- Kiwanis Club of Mountain Road; Jacobsville Elementary School PTA; Austin McBee Memorial award. Amy Myers -- KiWives of Mountain Road. Joy Eaves-- Ladies of the Elks of Severna Park. Jennifer Hicks -- CHS Athletic Boosters.

Kimberly Jarvis and Jason Pellegrini -- Elizabeth McLauglin Memorial Book scholarship from the Inner Wheel of Lake Shore Rotary. Michele Julian -- Lake Shore Rotary. Brian Eveleth -- Pasadena Elementary School PTA. Joshua Bokee -- Patricia Born Duckett Scholarship, Sunset Elementary PTA. Carmella Seckman -- East Anne Arundel Lions Club award. Kerry McCloskey -- Lake Shore PTSO. David McWilliams -- CHS LAX Alumni scholarship.


Need to shape up before suitingup for vacation time? The YMCA is offering a class just in time for summertime shaping.

A one-hour shape-up and tone class will meet from 7 to 8 p.m. Monday and Wednesday evenings at Venice on the Bay Community Hall, 1919 Arundel Road, beginning Monday, June 17.

To sign up for class or for more details, call Sheila Light at the Severna Park YMCA, 647-3800.


Turn those unwanted treasures into cash for summer vacation at a Yard Sale sponsored by Orchard Beach Improvement Association.

The outdoor market will start at 9 a.m. tomorrowat 1000 Hilltop Road. Tables are available to rent for $5 each. Proceeds will benefit community projects.

To reserve a spot, call Jerry at 255-1786.


Increasing crime is, unfortunately, a part of modern life. We can imitate ostriches and pretend it doesn't exist inour own backyards, but statistics would prove us wrong.

As a community service, VFW Post 2462 is sponsoring a program presented by Citizens Against Crime, the Nation's largest safety organization, on "Living Safe in a Dangerous World."

The fast-paced, entertaining program is slated for 7 p.m. Wednesday, June 19, at the post home, 1720 Bayside Beach Road.

For more details, call 255-1149 or 255-7101 after 6 p.m.


June Happenings at Stoney Creek Democratic Club:

* County Assistant State's Attorney Trevor Kiessling will be the guest speaker at an Open House set for 8 p.m., June 19.

* Come and help celebrate the club's 57th Anniversary at a special party set for 8p.m. to 1 a.m., June 29.

Dine on a hot-and-cold buffet menu and dance to music by the Esquires. All this and an open bar, too.

Tickets are $12 per person and may be reserved by calling Charles Michaels at 437-9821.


While their peers were leisurely lounging overa bowl of cereal before school, watching the latest episode of cartoon characters, some students at Riviera Beach Elementary were hard atwork.

Each Tuesday morning this spring, bright and early at 8 a.m., over 150 youngsters filtered in to the school's media center to bepart of the "Please Read To Me" program. For some, the effort was monumental. Others enjoyed every minute of it.

The eight-week program began back in April. Each week, four teachers volunteered to read aloud to younger students while older children read independently.

What was the incentive to follow through with the commitment? A pancake and sausage breakfast with a surprise guest. The guest turned out to be the Oriole Bird. Not bad, but with the O's record lately, maybehe's lucky to get invited anywhere.

A far subtler reward was to be with your peers while having a good time and learning to read for pleasure.

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