'Look Who's Talking' suit is settled quietly


LOS ANGELES -- A $20-million lawsuit charging that Tri-Star Pictures and the director and writer Amy Heckerling stole the basic premise and large chunks of her 1989 hit, "Look Who's Talking," from a student project given to her three years before the film's release has been quietly settled.

The terms of the settlement between Tri-Star and the independent writers and producers Jeanne Meyers and Rita Stern are confidential.

"It was resolved amicably," said Peter Anderson, the lawyer for the plaintiffs.

The lawyer for Tri-Star, Louis M. Meisinger of Hill, Wynne, Troop & Meisinger, said: "I'm not at liberty to discuss it except to say it was resolved amicably."

Meyers said: "Rita and I are really happy, and we're glad it's over. And we're working on a lot of other things, and that's all I can say."

Heckerling did not return telephone calls.

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