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It might be a tough act to follow, but it's an act that new Broadneck High School athletic director Kevin McMullen knows well.

The 38-year-old McMullen was named yesterday afternoon by Bruins' principal Lawrence Knight to succeed his 44-year-old brother, Tim, who announced his resignation in mid-May.

Tim McMullen was the school's only athletic director since it opened in the fall of 1981 with a 10th grade.

Tim built the Bruins' athletic program into one of the most successful in Maryland, and Kevin played a major part as the school's soccer coach and assistant athletic director.

"I guess I was kind of a natural selection in that I've been involved in the program since the school first opened up," said Kevin, who will continue coaching soccer but might give up his assistant boys basketball coaching position under Ken Kazmarek.

"Last year I was assistant athletic director to Tim and a couple years before, co-athletic director. So, I feel I know the program well and hope to maintain the high standards Tim has established."

Longtime coach and faculty member Bruce Villwock is expected to replace Kevin as assistant athletic director.

Tim McMullen guided a program thathas won more than 10 state championships and many county and regional titles.

The Bruins won the All-Sports Trophy three times for schools under Class 4A. Since moving up to 4A three years ago -- as one of the smaller schools in that class -- they have have finished thirdbehind Severna Park and Old Mill for the trophy.

Tim was named the Anne Arundel County Sun Athletic Director of the Decade for the '80s, but has had enough.

"It's absolutely ludicrous that the Board of Education gives us only a 55-minute planning period to run a full-time athletic program," said Tim, who teaches social studies and advanced-placement classes.

Kevin said, "Running back and forth from social studies to the physical education department was not easy, and Iwill have an advantage in that regard since I teach phys ed. Being right there in phys ed should be an asset."

What might not be an asset in Tim's view is Kevin's coaching soccer in the fall.

"I worryabout his coaching soccer, because I know how much it means to him,"said Tim. "As soon as school opens, he's going to have a lot to dealwith, and I remember that I was not pleased after the 1984 baseball season when I was baseball coach, and we were trying to defend our state championship.

"It's not easy coaching and being athletic director, and that will

be his biggest challenge. But maybe Kevin will be a different person. And, yes, I tried to talk him out of taking the job because of soccer, but I feel good that he is in the department."

Knight pointed out the importance of Kevin already being on thestaff.

"Kevin is thoroughly familiar with the position and is more than interested in maintaining a quality program," said the Broadneck principal.

"In order to qualify as a county athletic director, you have to be on the staff of that school, and we're very fortunate that Kevin already was.

"Tim was his mentor, but he's not a carboncopy, can be very stern and stands solid on decisions he makes. At the same time, he will ask for other opinions."

One opinion Kevin has right now is to retain his brother as junior varsity baseball coach. Tim returned to the sidelines this year since resigning as baseball coach after the 1984 season.

When asked yesterday when he officially would be through as athletic director, Tim answered with a chuckle, "I may have officially finished today. I walked by the phys-ed office, and Kevin and Bruce looked to me like they had taken over."

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