Between their myriad examples of community service, walking more than an hour every morning at the mall and going to church, it's a wonder Pete and Melvia Scott of Ferndale ever found the time to pick up their "Citizen of the Year" award.

For the first time in 20 years, the Ferndale Linthicum Action Community Council (FLACC) presented the plaque to a couple rather than an individual. FLACC is an umbrella group for all the civic and community organizations in Ferndale.

Leo Harnen, president of FLACC for seven years, said the couple was chosen because they have put extensive time and effort into many community groups, particularly the Ferndale Linthicum Senior Center.

Harnen worked out a plan to surprise the modest Scotts with the award during Ferndale Day last month.

Melvia already was scheduled todraw raffle tickets for the seniors at 5 p.m. Harnen arranged for her husband to join her by telling Pete that Melvia would receive the FLACC award. Then the plaque was presented to both of them.

"They're very deserving," Harnen said.

"Their lives center around the senior center, and they're always available for community things," said Carol Wagner, president of the Garden Club. "He just jumped in and took over the yard work outside the center, which is a big help to the garden club."

"They do just about everything the community needs to have done," said Shirley Hertz, treasurer of FLACC. "He works rightalong with her and they well deserve" the award.

"It was quite unexpected. I couldn't talk," said Melvia, 63, president of the Roadrunners senior citizens club.

"I was completely surprised. I figured nobody observed what I did. I was just doing my part," said Pete, 66."I just did it because I wanted to take the bull by the horns and bepart of the community."

The Scotts, who have been married 43 years and have lived in Ferndale since 1960, are also members of the Ferndale Community Club. Pete is a charter member of both it and the Ferndale American Legion POWs, where he serves as sergeant-at-arms of theSenior Color Guard. "I'm an honor guard, responsible for carrying flags and doing flag presentations."

Although Melvia keeps busy withthe Roadrunners, she also finds time to serve as a member of FLACC and the Ferndale Methodist Church. She even collects carousel horses and does needlework.

In addition, the Scotts travel eight times a year, thanks to Pete's job as travel coordinator of the Roadrunners. On their last bus trip to Nashville, Tenn., Pete was responsible for making arrangements for 40 people.

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