A three-day-a-week farmers market will be established at the county library branch here, and, the commissioners were told, it is set to open for business on June 26.

After legislation enacted in April bythe General Assembly gave the county permission to allow farmers markets on county-owned property, the commissioners and a group of farmers decided to set up shop at the library.

A group of farmers had for several years been operating a market on the grounds of Dairymens Inc., an Eldersburg dairy cooperative that had poor roads and, farmers said, drove away customers. The market,which will be under the supervision of the county's Department of Parks and Recreation, is expected to be open Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

No fees for use of the county property has been decided yet, the County Commissioners said.

Also, according to Commissioner President Donald I. Dell, a system has been designed to prevent farmers from buying produce and then marketing it as Carroll County grown.

"All of the produce sold at the farmers market will be county-grown," Dell said.

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