If you don't have anything on your calendar for May 23, 2025, you might want to drop by Harper's Choice Middle School.

You should be on time for the unearthing of the time capsule that sixth-graders Kathy Dalton, 11, and Laura Cometa, 11, put together as their project in the school's gifted and talented program this school year.

"They wanted to send a message to their children or students who would be their children's age about what it was like to live as a middle school student today," said Richard Frankel, coordinator of the Harper's Choice gifted and talented program.

The message is inside a 55-gallon drum, donated by a Baltimore company and filled by Kathy and Laura, with the help of other sixth-graders. The drum was buried on the grounds of the school May 23.

When the sixth- , seventh- and eighth-graders of the future open the drum, they will find slap bracelets and baseball cards, copies of legislation from U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski, a Howard County flag, a copy of the 1991-1992 county budget, a proclamation from County Executive Charles I. Ecker and Superintendent Michael E. Hickey's coffee mug.

They will find lists of the sports sixth-graders enjoyed in the 1990sand the clothes they wore-- Reeboks, pump sneakers and T-shirts with Bart Simpson on the front.

The message to the future included a list of people the sixth-graders consider important in today's world. Kathy reported that the list included, among others, George Bush, Paula Abdul and Madonna.

The students also wrote "about what they wanted to do to help out theworld," Kathy said.

The drum contains essays about stopping pollution and recycling, with one essay about the county's mobile recycling truck, MORT.

Kathy and Laura are almost finished with their project. The final step for them is to collect names and addresses of today's students and leave them at the school.

Thirty-four years fromnow, the addresses will provide a starting point for someone to track them down and invite them back to Harper's Choice to remember and to see their children's reactions to the small piece of history they preserved.

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