Will Art Howe be voting Republican?How tough...

Will Art Howe be voting Republican?

How tough will it be on the Houston Astros when the Republican National Convention takes over the Astrodome next year?


A preliminary draft of the 1992 National League schedule has them playing 26 games in eight cities in three time zones and traveling 9,231 miles spread over 30 days. They do, however, get 15 consecutive games at home to open the season.

Just in case you were wondering


The average male golfer swings through the ball at about 100 mph.

Players on the PGA Tour range between 115 and 135 mph, and those of the LPGA Tour reach 85 to 120 mph.

Iron Mike, the mechanical golfer used by the U.S. Golf Association to test balls, has a 109-mph swing.

Watch out for sidewalk sales

Parker Johnstone, one of the favorites in this weekend's sports-car race in downtown New Orleans, says that wives and girlfriends might become a bigger problem than rival drivers.

"The track is narrow and bumpy, and it could be dangerous, but the scariest thing is that Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman-Marcus are right behind the pits," Johnstone says.

The quote

After center fielder Doug Dascenzo came in as a relief pitcher for the Cubs against the Los Angeles Dodgers and faced the minimum six batters in two innings Monday, Chicago reliever Dave Smith had this to say about his 5-foot-8 teammate: "We've found the perfect short man."