County Executive Robert R. Neall has given eligible homeowners an extra 30 days to apply for deferrals on increases in residential property taxes.

Applications for the deferrals will be accepted if postmarked by June 30.

Homeowners are eligible to apply if their combined household income does not exceed $30,000 and if they have used the property as their principal residence for at least five years. Applicants must be at least 65 years old or be permanently and totally disabled.

Rather than having to pay a higher property tax bill, a homeowner would havea lien attached to the property in the amount of the deferred taxes plus 6 percent interest for the duration of the program.

l,.5l Taxes can continue to be deferred for up to 50 years, or until the homeowner withdraws from the program, becomes ineligible or dies.

The County Council approved the program last October. The deferral was authorized by the General Assembly in 1988.

For an application or additional information, call the county Office of Finance at 222-1737.

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