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Unpleasant truths about GorbachevThe American people have...


Unpleasant truths about Gorbachev

The American people have watched the frantic, self-serving charades of a panicky, unpopular Mikhail Gorbachev and have been struck and mystified by the unexplainable depth of loyalty still displayed by President Bush. Even after all of Gorbachev's obvious flip-flops between brutal Stalinist-type tactics and his well-rehearsed reformer role, President Bush still staunchly declares his refusal to "pull the rug out from under him."

It appears to most of us, however, that Gorbachev has already done his own "rug-pulling" by revealing his true colors time and again to his own not-so-easily beguiled Soviet people. After five years, they see him for what he is and have made their judgment unmistakably clear.

So, what is our president doing in trying to shore up this fallen idol? What can he be thinking of by offering our tax dollars for economic support to Gorbachev's Stalin-type Soviet Union? Does he really think the American people would overlook or condone some of the grim, unpleasant truths about Gorbachev, such as:

(1) He is on record as being unalterably communist now and forever, Amen. This being so, any reform gestures toward democracy would be merely desperate measures prompted more by expediency than by conviction, and ready to be sloughed off without pangs of conscience when it served his purpose.

(2) In addition to the unspeakable crimes against humanity which Gorbachev inherited from communism's founders, he has bloodied his own hands in Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia (Tbilisi) and other republics. Incidentally, the Soviets have just vindicated their troops in the Jan. 14 massacres in Lithuania, and the Lithuanians are held responsible for the uprising! A classic case of Gorbachev justice! Will President Bush now agree with this verdict?

(3) Gorbachev is a demonstrated failure, having orchestrated the final movements of the economic disaster facing the Soviet Union.

(4) His five years as Soviet leader are replete with lies and deceptions from the killings in the republics to Chernobyl, to KAL-007, to his attempts to mediate on behalf of his old buddy Saddam Hussein, etc.

History and the American people are quietly watching President Bush's epic struggle between moral principle and political expediency.

H. J. Rizzo


Key Stadium

We should consider naming the new sports complex Francis Scott Key Stadium. Baltimore is the birthplace of our national anthem, and his song is sung in every stadium in our country. There has been some discussion about changing our national anthem, and if we don't show pride in our city's greatest historical asset, Baltimore could lose the anthem like we lost the Colts.

Our new "Welcome to Baltimore" signs could mention that our city is home of the national anthem. Key and the anthem deserve more recognition than just a bridge. If it weren't for Key and other heroes of the War of 1812, we might well be singing "God

Save the Queen" at the new stadium.

Christine Merrill


On RU-486

Your June 4 editorial, "End this prohibition," says that the drug RU-486 "greatly simplifies the abortion procedure in its early stages." In fact, the drug induces abortion.

But why trouble over details about the trivial? If a drink is legally available, then a drug to induce abortion ought to be, too.

"In the final analysis," you say, "it is no less reprehensible to compel a woman to have a child she doesn't want than to compel her to have an abortion she doesn't want."

What authority compels abortions? You must mean by this that if the drug RU-486 is not legally available, then a woman so inclined would be forced to have an abortion by some other means. Otherwise, your statement is nonsensical.

Alas, common sense goes the way of details when the creatures of this world presume to "end this prohibition."

Gregory Lewis


Vets in Washington

Regarding Arthur's Milholland's letter about the treatment of troops in Washington, D.C. (Forum, June 3), I read years ago that World War I veterans went to Washington to try to get their pensions sooner.

Not only were they not honored; they were driven out of town by fire hoses. The order to do this was given by the much loved Dwight Eisenhower!

Gerry Rinker


Cruelty to animals

The streets of Baltimore city are alive with cruelty to animals. The street merchants are making ponies struggle pathetically to pull their overloaded wagons, plus the one or two men on them.

Blazing sun, no water, pitiful, overworked beasts of burden. This all adds up to one thing - outrageously inhumane treatment of animals.

L Civilized societies don't have animals struggling like this.

Marcia Blumson


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