Psychologists' exam


As a result of an examination given in Baltimore April 12, the following persons were licensed as psychologists in the state of Maryland:

Bleiberg, Joseph

Brooks, Renana E.

Bryant, Curtis C.

Carty-Roper, Gillian R.

Cason, Valerie K.

Chaij-Mastrapa, Selma A.

Cooper, Sharon C.

Crowley, Kevin J.

Culotta, Vincent

Davis, Melissa E.

Doty, Richard E.

Farthing, Carol E.

Gewanter, Harvey L.

Griffin, Pamela P.

Haaga, Candice A. F.

Hannan, Keith W.

Hoy, Beverly C.

June, Pamela L.

Kern, Diane

Kimmel, Melvin J.

Kosisky, Shelley A.

Love, Barbara G.

Morere, Donna A.

Mosko, Raymond D.

Nusbaum, Mark N.

Oberwager, Jane G.

O'Brien, Deborah H.

Pulsifer, Margaret B.

Samuelson, Emily M.

Shade, Temmie B.

Sydnor-Greenberg, James M.

Weissman, Mary Ellen

Yenchko, Anne

Zinner, Ellen S.

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