Joan Cadden

Victor Sulin


Anne Arundel County Council

We would like to takethis opportunity to personally thank Gov. William Donald Schaefer for taking time from his busy schedule to visit Corkran Junior High School and Oakwood Elementary School. It is our understanding that the governor came to these two schools to better understand the problems that were defined in the bill sponsored by Joan Cadden and co-sponsored by Victor Sulin.

By visiting the schools and announcing after that visit that he would fund the air-conditioning as a joint venture with Anne Arundel County, it became apparent that the governor understood the magnitude of the problem and the need for the bill.

We concur with the governor's action to veto this bill in light of his public statements that full funding for the project would go forward in cooperation with Anne Arundel County.

We also would like to especially thank County Executive Bob Neall for the role that he has played in assisting us in accomplishing our mutual goal to protect the well-being of our students in Oakwood and Glen Burnie Park Elementary Schools.


From: John J. Miara


Iwish to comment more fully on Violet Cosgrove's May 22 letter in which she urges the county executive to recommend to Gov. William DonaldSchaefer the name of (Maureen Carr) York for the new school board for the new school board post.

While I have no special objection to Mrs. York, I find many shortcomings in the school board process. As Isat at the Old Mill meeting for selections, I heard speaker after speaker identify themselves as representing a particular school. I heard from few true community or taxpayer groups at the meeting.

That Mrs. York got 60 votes from a county our size, with 120 schools possibly sending several delegates, I find not to be an overwhelming mandate.

I do believe school delegates were instructed to vote for particular candidates, since some candidates got very few votes -- as fewas three. That would mean that only the person who nominated the candidate and seconded the nomination possibly voted for the candidate.

Now taxpayers are to believe that close to $18 million in additional spending is necessary to move the high school students from Andover in Linthicum -- now called North County High -- to a newly renovated Lindale Junior High.

I say there is no reason the students can'tstay at North County. The school is fairly new. It has had millions already spent in renovations and has accommodated 1,800 students in the past.

Do you see anyone on the school board or administration saying this is unnecessary spending? Will Mrs. York, voted in by "insiders," dare to say no to such proposals?


From: Bob Duckworth

District 4

Congressional candidate

Our one-party friends on the House side of Congress once again took sides against President Bush. This time they struck against his fiscal 1992defense bill by coming up with a defense bill of their own. The president will most likely veto it, especially since it legalizes abortions at military hospitals abroad.

One of those who lined up againstthe president and on the side of the Foley-Gephart team was Tom McMillen. In rebuffing the administration's defense package, he voted for:

1. Funds to upgrade older, outdated weapons such as the M-1 tank.

2. Halting production of the B-2 stealth bomber, while cutting in half the Pentagon's Strategic Defense Initiative.

This is the same congressman who claims to be pro-defense in the 4th congressional district, yet he joins those on Capitol Hill like House Speaker Thomas S. Foley and Representative Richard A. Gephardt, D-Mo., afflicted with a short-sighted national security perspective and a wish to jam the president on any occasion.

At the same time, our congress man voted along with his Hill colleagues against the administration on an appropriation military construction bill aimed at slashing spending for military construction projects in foreign countries.

Instead ofusing these savings (almost $9 million) to help offset the federal deficit, he voted to divert these funds to new pork-barrel, domestic military construction projects in districts of members who sit on the House Appropriations and Armed Services committees.

Taxpayers should ask: Why such "tax and spend" behavior? Why, when troop strength is diminishing, military bases are closing and weapon systems being reduced? Why, when Congress needs to find ways to slow down its federalspending appetite and return purchasing power to the families and wage earners of this country?


From: George Bauernschmidt Jr.

Severna Park

The old Route 450 Severn River Bridge is crumbling and must be replaced, but by what?

There are five main considerations in the selection. They are autos, boats, people, aesthetics and money.

There are four proposed solutions -- an 80-foot highbridge, a medium-sized bridge, rebuilding the old bridge, and a tunnel -- none of which satisfies everyone.

The 80-foot high bridge would reorganize and dominate the landscape and degrade the aesthetic character of Annapolis. It is not very friendly to people-traffic and is fairly costly as designed. It is great for boats and autos.

A medium-sized bridge would solve nothing. It would just improve the auto, boat and money problems temporarily and worsen the people and aesthetics considerations.

Rebuilding the old bridge keeps all the oldproblems, which will only get worse. Auto, boat and people traffic, maintenance and bridge-tender costs will continue to increase, makingthe rebuilt bridge only a temporary solution. At the moment, there is a vigorous, vocal group that wants this "no change" solution, as there always is when change is proposed.

The tunnel was dismissed asbeing too costly. Cost aside, a tunnel solves all of the other problems. It can be made people-friendly (walkers, bikers, fishermen). It solves the auto and boat clash and even improves the view. The cost over the very long life of a tunnel is not that much.

Baltimore wasto get a bridge over the harbor. For twice the cost ($825 million) and some graft, it got the nice new tunnel. New York City has two vital, very old tunnels. Boston is planning a $5 billion harbor tunnel. Maintenance and monitoring without featherbedding is not all that expensive.

Annapolis should see the light -- it is a tunnel.


From: Linda F. Grunder


Our community of Pasadena has been invaded by an individual of unequaled proportion,Dr. Joseph J. Carducci Jr., newly appointed principal of Northeast High School. This individual has planted the seeds of unrest and angerin a normally serene area of Maryland. The most disturbing part of this scenario is that the seeds have been planted in the hub of our social setting, our high school.

The Pasadena community has long promoted the cooperation between our school administrators, faculty, students and parents. Our hearts have been filled with pride when our children have accepted scholarships for both academic and athletic skills to further their education in various schools of higher learning. This pride is also shared by fine people who deserve the bulk of the credit -- the faculty and coaches of Northeast High School.

Now, the tranquillity of Northeast High School has been disturbed. Our students are protesting, our faculty is threatening to transfer or seek employment in another jurisdiction, our parents are worried about the well-being of their children, and the future of the community is being threatened.

Dr. Carducci is attempting to tear apart our lives by destroying a school full of tradition, pride and excellence. He wishes to drive away the fine people who have educated and cared about the future of our children, who are the future of our community.

Our community is a potpourri of religion, races, ethnic backgrounds andeconomic situations. It is a community dedicated to the preservationof moral and educational high standards, which have made us proud tosay we live in Pasadena, Md.

Our community is firm on joining forces to help keep the outstanding educators who have helped us developour high caliber of children -- children who, in return, have brought great pride to their parents, teachers, administrators, and to the name of Northeast High School.

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