THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!

From The Sun June 9-15, 1841June 9:...


From The Sun June 9-15, 1841

June 9: James Brown, the celebrated colored wood dealer, was arrested yesterday and brought before Justice King, charged with huckstering wood contrary to a city ordinance.

June 15: Travellers from New England assure us that the very great improvements made in the Exchange Hotel, Baltimore, entitle it to the favorable notice of the press.

From The Sun June 9-15, 1891

June 10: Summer life at Catonsville promises to be unusually interesting this year. Plans have been drawn for the casino. It will have a wide hall for several purposes, a reading-room, a dining-room, a kitchen, bathrooms and lockers.

From The Sun June 9-15, 1941

June 12: Governor O'Conor issued a proclamation tonight setting July 1 for registration of all Maryland youths becoming eligible for military training under the National Selective Service Act.

June 13: Walter J. Linthicum, a Baltimorean, assigned as United States consul at Pernambuco, Brazil, to piece together the survivors' story of the Nazi torpedoing of the Robin Moor, has been in the consular service since 1920.

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