John Bunting's two full-time jobs: his own,...


John Bunting's two full-time jobs: his own, and AIDSWALK 0) chairman

When John Bunting got involved in fighting AIDS, he figured he'd volunteer in some small way, maybe answer phones or address some envelopes.

Several years later, he is doing those tasks -- and dozens of others as chairman of AIDSWALK 1991.

"It's been a tremendous undertaking. There aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything, but that's part of the joy," says Mr. Bunting, 47, who lives in Guilford.

Today's 3.5-mile walk through North Baltimore, a fund-raiser for the Health Education Resource Organization and other area AIDS services, will be the culmination of months of planning and plain hard work. (Those interested in walking may sign up today between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. at Johns Hopkins University's Garland Field.)

Finding time to recruit corporate sponsors and organize meetings has been especially challenging since he works full-time as operations manager of Hecht's in Security Square Mall.

But if AIDSWALK has left him with little free time, his personal motivation has seen him through.

"I've lost friends to AIDS and I felt so helpless," he says. "I looked around and said, 'What can we do?' " Strong statements -- whether in art or conversation -- are Dwight Whitley's trademark.

"I don't do black work," explains the 41-year-old artist and owner of Rombro's Art Gallery in the 1800 block of St. Paul Street. "I do art work."

If Mr. Whitley makes waves, chalk it up to his passion for art. His work -- which has been shown in Paris, Washington and Maryland -- sells for $350 to $15,000 and features themes such as racial injustice and political upheaval.

In 1984, frequent robberies forced him to close his first venture in West Baltimore. This time around, he's determined history won't repeat itself. He lives in the neighborhood with his wife, who runs the business side of the gallery. The space -- named after a prominent Jewish family who supported him as a teen-ager -- is now open only by appointment, and Mr. Whitley has organized a block watch to curb crime.

"I've worked too hard," he says, "to let anyone take me down."

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