Frank, crew preparing for Whitbread


The Annapolis-Newport sailing race has had its extraordinary moments in the years since it began before World War II. This year's event will mark another.

When the fleet starts the race near Annapolis Saturday, in the field will be an all-woman crew for the first time, led by Nance S. Frank of Annapolis and the U.S. Women's Challenge.

Frank, who has drawn together a crew of 14 for the 473-mile ocean race, will skipper Ichiban, a 50-footer designed by Ron Holland.

The Annapolis-Newport race is part of the U.S. Women's Challenge preparations for the Whitbread Round the World Race next year.

Among Frank's crew are Debbie Dempsey and Elizabeth Kreitler of Annapolis and Mary Morden of Baltimore.

Race starts will be run from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday.

* Christopher White of Aberdeen has won the 1992 Maryland Chesapeake Bay sportfishing stamp design contest held by the Department of Natural Resources. White's acrylic painting "Chesapeake Suitors" portrays the spring spawning ritual of the striped bass, Maryland's state fish.

White, an illustrator for 10 years at the U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Ground, won the state trout and waterfowl contests in 1988.

"Chesapeake Suitors" will appear on the sportfishing stamp required of all anglers between the ages of 16 and 65 while fishing in tidal Maryland waters.

* The DNR has relocated 13 endangered Delmarva fox squirrels from Dorchester and Queen Anne's counties to a private farm in Kent County as part of a restoration program. Seven males and six females were trapped and transported.

"Trap and relocation efforts have been the cornerstone of our successful wild turkey restoration efforts," said Donald E. MacLauchlan, assistant secretary of the DNR. "The same wildlife technique may be applied to some endangered species with equally productive results."

This was the third release of Delmarva fox squirrels in Kent

County and the 11th release in the state, including every Eastern Shore county.

* On July 27 and 28, the Kent Narrows Racing Association and the Chesapeake Bay Power Boat Association will stage the Kent Narrows Power Boat Challenge, a series of high-speed races among hydroplanes and offshore racers.

"The hydroplane course will be improved over past races and will be much safer and faster," said Wheeler Baker, national champion and president of KNRA. "We are securing two large barges between Hog Island and the Kent Island Yacht Club. The barges will act as breakwaters."

The breakwaters will ensure that course conditions are suitable for optimum performance by the hydroplanes, which, unlike offshore racers, require calm waters.

The last such power boat regatta at Kent Narrows was five years ago. For more information on the challenge, call (301) 643-4862.

* According to a recent survey by the Recreation Roundtable and Peter Hart Research Associates, 88 percent of Americans walk or jog for recreation, and 82 percent drive for recreation.

The survey, taken in April and polling 800 Americans over 18, also listed top recreational interests as swimming (55 percent), bicycling (44 percent), fishing (37 percent), boating (36 percent), camping (29 percent), backpacking and hiking (18 percent) and skiing (15 percent).

The survey shows that 60 percent of Americans started their favorite recreation as children, but only 3 percent said they took up their favorite activity through local park and recreation programs or organizations such as the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.

Among younger Americans (18 to 34), the survey showed the greatest interest in taking up skiing, boating and backpacking.

The margin error for the survey was plus/minus 4 percent.

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