Row house shootout leaves 1 man slain, another wounded


What began as a minor argument Thursday night ended in a shootout inside an East Baltimore row house that left one person killed and another critically wounded, according to police.

As many as a half-dozen people may have been involved in the shooting, police said.

Thomas Plummer, 19, of the 700 block of East 23rd Street was shot in the back and the left arm and died moments after going to a friend's house, said Agent Arlene K. Jenkins, a police spokeswoman.

James McNutt, 18, of the 700 block of Bartlett Avenue was taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital in critical condition with gunshot wounds of the chest, neck and abdomen, police said.

Agent Jenkins said the shooting allegedly was the result of an argument over a lie told to Mr. Plummer's girlfriend.

Mr. McNutt and another person reportedly went to confront Mr. Plummer about the accusation at a house in the 500 block of 23rd Street. According to police, Mr. McNutt pulled a revolver and shot Mr. Plummer. Several friends of Mr. Plummer then opened fire on Mr. McNutt.

Everyone then left the row house.

Charges against Mr. McNutt are pending his release from the hospital, according to police, and several other people are being sought.

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