FISHERMAN'S COVE SEAFOOD MARKET 538 Cranbrook Road, Cockeysville. Hours: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Mondays to Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays. Phone: 628-7577. Whatever you do, try the shrimp salad sandwich ($4.25). It comes with chunks of spicy shrimp as big as your thumb (well, my thumb anyway) and is served on a fresh submarine roll with lettuce and tomato. Oh, you'll want to kiss me for this one. However, a firm handshake will do.

Equally delicious is the crab cake sandwich ($3.75). Listen, know crab cakes. I've cooked crab cakes. I've eaten crab cakes for years. And this is real crab cake, as light and tasty as any in the area. Trust me.

The rest of the gourmet carryout menu for this new seafoomarket (formerly Hasslinger's) seems equally appealing. Appetizers range from your garden-variety fried mozzarella sticks ($2.75) to clams casino ($3.95), mussels in garlic sauce ($3.95) and fried calamari ($4.95) for the more adventurous eaters. For the uninitiated, calamari is squid. I thought you should know this.

Sandwiches include fried oyster ($3.50) and fried shrimp ($3.25)There is also an eclectic mix of platters, everything from sauteed sea scallops ($8.95) to Imperial crab ($9.95) to seafood fettucini Alfredo ($9.95). There are even Cajun chicken wings with rice ($5.95) and blackened shrimp ($10.50) for those who crave spicy food and a jolt to the central nervous system.

And to think, the man in line in front of me actually asked if theserved meatball sandwiches.

( Whew. It takes all kinds.

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