Tamber's Restaurant, 3327 St. Paul St., 243-0383....


Tamber's Restaurant, 3327 St. Paul St., 243-0383. Although touted as "Nifty Fifties Dining," Tamber's seems to offers a blend of someone's '50s favorites and '80s in-food. The menu includes shrimp salad on cheese toast ($5.75) and home-style meatloaf ++ with mashed potatoes or French fries and gravy ($5.95) alongside Buffalo wings ($4.95), potato skins ($3.25) and two flavors of frozen yogurt. This selection of foods from today and those from a little while back makes Tamber's a good place to dine with children. Adults can go back a few years, and the youngsters can stay current. The atmosphere is casual, the juke DTC box prolific and the waiters a little too laid-back. $$moderate. (Last visited 4/91.)

LYNN WILLIAMS Mediterranean Restaurant, 4901 Eastern Ave., 633-9495. People who don't like to cook (and in 90-degree weather that includes most of us) should pay a call on Greektown's newest Greek restaurant. Portions are so large that leftovers should provide a second meal (or more). The menu is varied and authentic, and the food is as rewarding as it is bountiful. A cheerful dining room helped put us in a matching mood, and the service was admirably swift. $ to $$inexpensive to moderate. (Last visited 5/91.)

JANICE BAKER Cafe des Artistes, 1501 Sulgrave Ave., 664-2200. Our recent meal was marvelous. We began with artichoke bottoms stuffed with crab meat and mushrooms, pheasant pate with watercress salad, and a lobster and salmon souffle. Our entrees were wild rockfish grilled with green peppercorn sauce, tournedos stuffed with escargots, and duck breast with ginger. For dessert, we tried two cakes and a bowl of warm fresh fruit in zabaglione. Everything was first-class (except for a mealy bit of beef). $$$expensive. (Last visited 4/91.)

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