High heels, small bag the power look now

Dear Marylou: I recently was named a vice president of an investment counseling firm, and am putting together a wardrobe that looks suitably "executive." What kind of shoes are best to wear with my new celadon-colored wool gabardine suit from Emporio Armani? K.O., New York, N.Y.

Dear K.O.: There's no more perfect pitch to the power look right now than high heels. They imply that you have a limousine at your disposal at all times, otherwise how in the world could you get around in those spindly spikes. They immediately separate you from the sneakers-and-shoulder-bag set, as will a small handbag, which also signals that you've left your paperwork in the limo.


And if you need further incentive to heighten your heels, I can report that Giorgio Armani himself showed his new fall suits with the highest heels I've ever seen in an Armani collection. His favorite style: D'Orsay pumps with 2-inch heels.

Dear Marylou: I have a navy wool jersey chemise dress with high neckline and long sleeves. It's the perfect basic dress so basic, in fact, that I'm bored with it. I know a white collar and cuffs would brighten it, but is this look currently in fashion? J.L., Durand, MI.


Dear J.L.: The "Kitty Foyle" look of white collar and cuffs might sound like the perfect foil for a navy dress, but not this year. How about swiping an idea from Milan designer Gianfranco Ferre's sketchbook and giving your dress a new double-breasted look by adding buttons in parallel rows.

Dear Marylou: I am 5-foot-4 and weigh 86 pounds. In other words, I'm skinny. What dress styles will give the illusion of more weight? Any other fattening ideas? P.P. South Casco, Maine.

Dear P.P.: Dresses with high waistlines are definitely high cal, as are those that flare out from the bustline into an A or tent shape. Many overweight women believe that such styles also called the trapeze are slenderizing because they do not hug the body.

While they may disguise lumps and bumps, all that excess fabric exactly like excess fat.

Dear Marylou: When and where can I buy the Chanel jeans introduced by Karl Lagerfeld for next fall? E.D., Los Angeles, Cal.

Dear E.D.: You can't. The folks at Chanel decided not to make them. Neither will they make the denim skirts with pre-frayed hems that also were shown during the Paris openings. According to Chanel's Arlette Thebault, the denim skirts will be a reality, "but we decided that if a woman really wants a frayed hem she can do it herself."

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