Olson apologizes for gesture


MINNEAPOLIS -- Baltimore Orioles relief pitcher Gregg Olson was caught in a candid moment last night, and he hopes everyone will understand.

Olson vented his frustration after a 4-3 loss to the Minnesota Twins by flipping his middle finger at a television camera as he walked into the dugout.

"I apologize to anyone I offended," Olson said. "I'm really sorry it happened and I won't do it again, but I don't think it's anybody's business what I do to myself in the dugout during a frustrating moment. I don't think the cameras should be in there."

Olson's frustration apparently did not center on the game-winning bloop single by pinch hitter Randy Bush, but on a couple of calls by plate umpire Dale Ford while Twins first baseman Kent Hrbek was at the plate.

Hrbek eventually walked to bring Bush to the plate. Olson declined to comment on the umpiring, which has been his custom since he arrived in the major leagues.

"I don't want to say anything," he said. "Let's just say that I was happy with the way I pitched."

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