You win some, you lose some.

Even before Severna Park Mall shoppers could rejoice over news that Caldor plans to renew operations, Horn & Horn Smorgasbords -- one of the mall's last original tenants -- suddenly closed up shop yesterday, saying they didn't want to continueinvesting in a "dead" mall.

Caldor's decision to float back to its 89,000-square-foot anchorage by Oct. 31 clearly outweighs Horn & Horn's move, but other merchants were disturbed nonetheless.

"It was a shock to everybody," saidMonique Longmore, manager of the News Center of Severna Park. She found out Horn & Horn was leaving yesterday morning, just as speculation began about who might be following Caldor's coattails into the mall.

From his corporate headquarters in Westminster, Horn & Horn President Robert Katz said he turned down a five-year option to renew hislease because, "the Severna Park Mall is dead and we opened a very successful location in Glen Burnie that was competing for business."

With Horn & Horn gone, onlyGiant Food, the News Center, the FashionBug and the Kona Tiki restaurant remain of the 30 business that onceoccupied the 15-year-old mall. Approximately half of the exodus cameafter Caldor closed following a dispute with the mall landlord, Capitol Management Consultants Inc. in September 1989.

Paul V. Carlucci, the 126-store chain's senior vice president and director of marketing, said Caldor had just finished a record month of sales in May andhas been "very anxious to expand in the Baltimore market," where business has been especially strong.

"We are emphasizing that this isgoing to be a new store, not just the reopening of an old store, where we can tap into an established customer base," Carlucci said.

Carlucci said the new store will feature men's and women's Gitano fashion shops, an expanded electronics department and a new-book department.

The customary Caldor oranges and browns will be replaced by modern grays and reds, he said, and customers can expect more chrome, signs and flashing video monitors. The new store will employ 175 full-and part-time employees, Carlucci said.

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